Blade & Soul China Overwhelmingly Popular


Blade & Soul China continues to grow every day that they are now totalling 165 servers. Tencent had to disable character creation on certain servers to prevent players from experiencing five to six hour long login queues. The Chinese version proved to be very successful. There would be a lot more servers than 165 if there wasn't compatibility issue with the Windows 8 users.

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Hello friends! I have made some serious changes to my site today, even though most of you may not notice. I did a lot of Ninja'ing and optimized it by deleting a lot of content. You can find out most of the details below. I was actually thinking of taking a break due to the stress of my site going down often lately among other things, but I figured I would burn some features and keep walking forward instead of sleeping!

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Blade & Soul KR New Content


Blade & Soul Korea finally got a new content update today featuring a new end game dungeon! The latest content looks a bit similar to the Argon theme of Tera Online or more simply more Tron'ish? Oddly enough, the outfits look very good that I might re-subscribe another month just to experience the new content. It's been a couple of years now and I always find myself coming back to playing this game. Check out the new looking area and black leather tights outfit below.

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Occult Maiden Now Available for Download


Square-Enix just released Occult Maiden for the iOS today, which offers an Anime like story with voice overs and dice rolling features for exploration. The game also contains some TCG mechanics for equipment and boss battles. I guess, it's not that unique when you have played so many TCG's. The game is somewhat fully voiced or close to it. I played a little bit of the game, added some of my own screenshots below. As you can see, it doesn't fully support retina display which makes resolution geeks cranky. The game is soso, the girls will often call you "Onii~chan" despite your gender, obviously awkward if you're a girl. Anyway, I added the trailers and info below so enjoy!

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Kingdom Under Fire II Global English Version


The first English version of Kindom Under Fire II has now been confirmed to be published by MMOGAsia of Malaysia and & Singapore. I will try to squeeze out the first closed beta release date and poke around asking if it has an IP block. Meanwhile kill sometime with the official press release below, latest trailers, and a couple images of the translated client right after the cut.

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