Blade & Soul Japan Landing Page Updated with Anime and Game Trailers


NCSoft Japan updated the official landing page with new information about the Japanese version of Blade & Soul. They also released a first look teaser trailer of the upcoming Blade & Soul Anime for those interested! Check out the short teaser trailer below. I'm not sure who the Assassin character in the trailer is because she doesn't appear in the original B&S story. If you ask me, she might be the main character of the show.

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Blade & Soul Valentines Outfits Look Sexy and Spiffy


Blade & Soul Korea is getting a brand new set of Valentines outfit that's a must grab! I am hoping that the Chinese version will also get the same outfits, as they are somewhat coordinated with the Korean version when it comes down to clothing. As for the updates, the Chinese version seems to be updating very slow, hopefully new content is to be released soon. Meanwhile, check out the lovely outfits below.

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Blade & Soul China's Pohwaran Debut Concert


Pohwaran is coming out in Blade & Soul China today and Tencent games created a mini concert just for her. The CG animations shows her off singing and dancing! The video is actually pretty good! I will have to get back to Blade & Soul China soon after I clear up my very busy schedule.

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Blade & Soul Sails to Japan with Teaser Page


I remember the Japanese version of Blade & Soul was announced way back, but now it's officially confirmed with the new teaser page that just went live today found below. The URL of the site says 1.0 followed by the word secret. It's no secret that this game is Blade & Soul. Does this mean that the Japanese version will have a similar launch as the Chinese version? The more concerning issue is, will it have an IP block and will it be censor free like the Korean version. More details below!

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Kritika Winter Update to Include Sexy Character


Kritika's winter update scheduled to go live this month on January 23rd includes the long awaited new sexy character named Yoran among other things. Three trailers have been released so far for this upcoming patch, two of which shows off Yoran in action! She will have two different stances one of it looks very uhh... well you'll see! New stages, areas, level cap, and more!

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