Final Fantasy XIV Lightning Strikes Chapter 3


The 3rd Lightning Strikes FATE event reminded me of previous adventures in The Binding Coil of Bahamut, we had to defeat a notorious Dreadnought for this FATE battle. After successfully defeating the boss, I headed back town to collect my boots and to my surprise, I met Lightning herself in a cutscene shown below. The final chapter will be available in a few days and I am hoping that it will be a lot more challenging than this one. Looking back at the trailer shown below, the boss looks really cool. I'm definitely looking forward to Chapter 4 of Light Strikes.

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Fate/stay Night and Prisma Illya meets PSO2


A new collaboration event will take place in the Phantasy Star Online 2 world on November 27th introducing the Fate/stay Night and Prisma Illya Phantasic series. The upcoming update will bring all kinds of goodies such as character costumes, weapon skins, quests, and voices tickets straight from the Anime series. Take a quick look at the new info, images, and trailer below or at the original source found at the PSO2 Blog.

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Bless Online Heads to Taiwan


Gameflier just finished a signing a contract with Neowiz Korea on publishing rights for the Taiwanese version of Bless Online. Gameflier is grabbing a lot of awesome titles from South Korea including Kingdom Under Fire II earlier this year. North America and Europe needs to step up on their game!

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Final Fantasy XIV Lightning Strikes Chapter 2


The 2nd Chapter of the Lighting Returns collaboration event for Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn started today. This one is a lot better than the first due to the fact that I was able to poke a big Prototype Behemoth. Unfortunately, it was no match to the zerg army that was there with me, the boss melted right away. I recorded a night and day time video of the FATE battle for the curious players out there. The reward for completing Chapter 2 is Lightning's shorts. Only a few more pieces until I can become a very cute Lightning Lalafell.

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Dragon Sword Online Registration Tutorial


I decided to play test Dragon Sword Online today for fun! Registering was super easy, though I am sure there is another step required to fully register. Since a lot of my readers and followers are asking how to play and register, I decided to make a short tutorial on playing the Chinese version of Dragon Sword Online below. So simple and easy that it takes about a minute to register, but a long time for the game to download!

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