Mabinogi Heroes Inferno Theme Episode 4


Mabinogi Heroes is still continuing to get more content and the latest update looks extremely hot with the whole inferno lava theme going on. The new raid battles look a lot more awesome compared to the previous episode. Having played the KR version for over a year, I'm debating to go back and try out the KR version again just to see the new bosses. Check out the newly released trailer and artwork below.


Lime Odyssey Korea Ending Service


The Korean version of Lime Odyssey is going through a roller coaster ride and shutting down again early next year. According to the original source, the game is running into some financial issues. It looks like Lime Odyssey is following the footsteps of Ragnarok Online 2 that is also shutting down. Hopefully, this won't have any affect on the English release of the game or the other versions.


Dungeon Fighter x Sword Art Online


The Japanese version of Dungeon Fighter has an interesting collaboration going on with Sword Art Online. The event started last month, I totally forgot about it! If you're interested enough to roleplay some SAO in Arad Senki (DnF) then go on ahead and try out the JP version. However, I should let you know that Japanese version has an IP block. Perhaps some of you are already playing the other versions of the game since the English version just poofed away.


Blade & Soul China Overwhelmingly Popular


Blade & Soul China continues to grow every day that they are now totalling 165 servers. Tencent had to disable character creation on certain servers to prevent players from experiencing five to six hour long login queues. The Chinese version proved to be very successful. There would be a lot more servers than 165 if there wasn't compatibility issue with the Windows 8 users.

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Hello friends! I have made some serious changes to my site today, even though most of you may not notice. I did a lot of Ninja'ing and optimized it by deleting a lot of content. You can find out most of the details below. I was actually thinking of taking a break due to the stress of my site going down often lately among other things, but I figured I would burn some features and keep walking forward instead of sleeping!