Final Fantasy Pictlogica


Square-Enix released another mobile title today called Final Fantasy Pictlogica! I've always enjoyed playing the Final Fantasy series so I decided to make a post about this one. This game didn't look that interesting to me because I have never played picross in my life. After completing the tutorial with my limited knowledge of Japanese, I was able to easily pick up and learn the game. I don't think you really need to know Japanese at all, just press buttons. Have some extra time on your hands or simply love picross? Don't know how to play? No problem, I've added a small hint in the images below.


Maplestory 2 Announced Hidden Trailer


An official announcement and website for Maplestory 2 just went live today, all the Maplestory kids are raging because it's going to be a totally different game compared to the previous one. Not only that, a lot of them probably sunk a lot of time in the previous Maplestory. According to, Maplestory 2 is a "3D MMORPG with a quarter view(click)." The teaser page found at, contains a hidden trailer. To access the trailer, you must click on the clouds. If you're the lazy type, you can check out the trailer below ^_^/. Lastly, the game is scheduled to launch sometime in 2014 in South Korea.


WolfKnights Online Website Debut


The WolfKnights Online website went live a few days ago in preparation for the upcoming unscheduled surprise alpha test. The newly released website contains a lot of new information about the game along with many other things such as a client download page, new images, and a brief explanation of the up coming playable classes. Speaking of which, the upcoming characters may or may not be gender locked. The first character is a Defender that is a very tanky character, a Fire Mage which I assume is what it is, a Templar that looks like a battle priest, a male Musketeer with a weird smug look, and a female Gladiator an offensive type of character.


Gensou Senki Online


Every now and then, I'll end up finding cute Japanese titles like the upcoming game called Gensou Senki. I'm digging the chibi or super deformed style the game has to offer, the artwork isn't that bad. There might be a Taiwanese version of this game floating around somewhere, but since I can't really read TW I will have to wait for the Japanese version instead. Games published by this company usually don't have an IP block so I am looking forward to beta testing this game during my spare time.


Peria Chronicles Website Update


Nexon Korea and THINGSOFT updated their Peria Chronicles teaser page today in preparation for the upcoming G-Star 2013 event that is scheduled to take place two to three weeks from now. Follow up with the new website by clicking this link. No new trailers have been released just yet, I am assuming they are waiting until the convention goes live. A lot of new screenshots along with a short fashion show slide can be viewed at the official teaser page or below!