Soul Worker Online Details and Interview


Soul Worker has been delayed for a long time now, but the developers are working very hard on the game and planning on Closed Beta this year. A large sum of my followers are often asking me about this title, so I have translated the lengthy interview from Inven Korea news and posted in below. I skipped a couple paragraphs, but the interview should give you a general idea on what's to come in the first beta. The interview is translated in Steparu-style so it might be weird.


New Dungeon Striker to Be Released First Half of This Year


Actoz Soft will be bringing Dungeon Striker back to life as "New" Dungeon Striker! I actually thought that they were going to go with DS 2.0, but this also works. The new version of the 3D Chibi Action MORPG will include a lot more content, new system, and a massive overhaul. If all goes well, then it will enter live service during the first half of this year.


Featured Gaming Apps of the Week 03

gaming apps

It's that time of the week again, Gaming Apps Preview Part 03 with a lot of new gameplay videos! I actually stopped playing most of my older Apps and moved on to the ones listed below. A lot of good and fun new titles worth trying, so make sure you download and check em out! I'm most likely going to re-post some of these titles next week showing off higher level content and end game videos.


Blade & Soul Japan Landing Page Updated with Anime and Game Trailers


NCSoft Japan updated the official landing page with new information about the Japanese version of Blade & Soul. They also released a first look teaser trailer of the upcoming Blade & Soul Anime for those interested! Check out the short teaser trailer below. I'm not sure who the Assassin character in the trailer is because she doesn't appear in the original B&S story. If you ask me, she might be the main character of the show.


Blade & Soul Valentines Outfits Look Sexy and Spiffy


Blade & Soul Korea is getting a brand new set of Valentines outfit that's a must grab! I am hoping that the Chinese version will also get the same outfits, as they are somewhat coordinated with the Korean version when it comes down to clothing. As for the updates, the Chinese version seems to be updating very slow, hopefully new content is to be released soon. Meanwhile, check out the lovely outfits below.