M.O.E. Master of Eternity Mechas and Kawaii Anime Girls


Nexon Korea has been doing a lot of random advertising for their upcoming new SRPG mobile game featuring mechas and anime chicks called M.O.E! I was a bit interested in this game mainly for the robots, but after watching most of the older fan service trailers, I ended up passing the beta events. The game is supposedly coming out sometime this month or rumors say, so I may try out then! Meanwhile, if you've got some free time you can check out the latest trailers below including a background story and plot, no not that kind plot. I'd tell you guys to Pre-Register, but that will require a KR cellphone.

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Soul Ark Trailer New Game by Bluestone Soft and Creator of Ragnarok Online Manwha


Bluestone Soft is working on a new high-quality mobile game called Soul Ark. Lee Myung-jin is also going to be working with the new studio. Don't know who he is!? It's story time! Ragnarok Online is one of the most well-known MMORPG's even as of today and before all of that came, it used to be a comic/manga/manwha. Lee Myung-jin is the creator of the original Ragnarok Manwha which was then adapted into an online game by Gravity.

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Sudden Attack 2 Prologue Trailer SPY


Nexon Korea is releasing Sudden Attack 2 next week and it's almost up to 500,000 Pre-Registered users at the moment! The developers recently released a new trailer teasing the Prologue SPY trailer of the game. I'm guessing this video is a depiction of the tutorial mission or it might be a new PvE mode? Anyhow, check out the trailer below!

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Sudden Attack 2 Launches Today in South Korea New CG Trailer Featuring Miya


The upcoming free to play FPS Sudden Attack 2 is coming out in South Korea today! Celebrating over half a million pre-registered users, the developer and publisher released a brand new CG trailer featuring Miya one of the many playable female characters of the game. After watching the trailer for myself, now I know why everyone plays female characters! I don't have much info on the official launch details in regards to IP blocks, but there wasn't any from USA during my previous CBT experience all you need is Nexon KR account, time to poke your Korean buddies or something. New trailer and older gameplay videos added for those interested.

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SoulWorker Online New Character Jin Seipatsu Lightning Fist Fury


A new playable character is joining the SoulWorker Online team on July 6th! Jin Seipatsu's main weapon is a large h2h glove that can harness the power of the Lion unleashing dead lightning attacks. Although he has powerful looking fists, Jin can also perform other martial arts like moves with kicks in combat! Check him out in action below.

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