Bless Online New Website Debut and Open Beta Schedule TBA


Bless Online just launched a brand new website along, teaser page, full OST, and a new game information page. Earlier last month I stated that they're going to have a meeting about the future of Bless Online on January 15th and it looks like they're also planning on announcing the Open Beta schedule among other things.

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Tera Online New Playable Class Shinobi Trailer


Bluehole and Nexon Korea just released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming new playable Shinobi class for the Elin. Judging from the trailer and teaser page alone, it looks like it's going to be another exclusive class to the Elin or Dark Elin race, most likely Elin since bunny and cat ears. The large shuriken looks cool, maybe I should try it out.

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Bless Online Future Plans Revealed on January 15th


According to Inven News, Neowiz Bless Studio will host a local public press announcement featuring new details on the current state of the game, opening schedule, business model, and more. I spent a lot of time playing the final test, I strongly suggest you check out my adventure articles!

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Tree of Savior Online Ban Hammer Starts with 1,000 Accounts


After a thorough investigation, IMCGames unleashed the power of the Ban Hammer upon users that exploited bugs, botted, illegal programs, game modification, and more. Perma bans has been sent out on over 1,000 accounts! I'm not sure if the users just get banned on TOS or their whole Nexon account is banned and done for, if it is, then they just screwed over their other Nexon games in their library.

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Tree of Savior Online KR Surprise Grand Opening


Tree of Savior Online rushes into Grand Opening opening today and a lot of users didn't see that coming given the game is still plagued with bugs. It kind of reminds me of when BDO first came out rush and recover later. A pretty bold move, but I guess I'll have to wait and see how the game does from here on out. It doesn't help that a lot of users are still upset over people cheating and game drama that happened last week. I've posted the cash shop info below for those interested.

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