Project HON Cancelled Unreal Engine 4 Mecha Game


Mecha fans are in for a big disappointment today as NCSoft Korea cancels the development of Unreal Engine 4 Project Hon. NCSoft wants to primarily focus their assets on Lineage Eternal and MXM Master X Master Online. The Project Hon team embezzlement scandal issue earlier this year also raised some flags to the cancellation of the game. A few Project Hon team members decided to pocket over ten-thousands worth of dollars that should have been used for the title's development money like a boss.

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Tree of Savior is now Greenlit and Confirmed by IMCGames


Tree of Savior Online is one of the most anticipated upcoming game with a lot of international followers globally and with that said, it took less than 10 hours for the game to become Greenlit on Steam. After shortly posting it on my Steparu Page, it has almost reached 1,000 shares within the 10 hour window. Eventually reaching out and getting shared on major gaming community sites. However, some ToS fans are a bit unsure if it's real or a major troll find out below.

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Civilization Online Reveals Industrial Age Screenshots


XLGAMES and 2KGAMES just released a handful of images revealing the upcoming Industrial Age for their upcoming Open Seamless World Real-time Faction Based PvP MMORPG. Each player is a unit in Civilization Online whether you're a labor worker, builder, driver, military unit, etc. Players must work together within their faction and progress through the various eras of the game before other factions. Research new technology for new vehicles, equipment recipes or build the most Great Wonders before others. Just like the original Civilization game, there will be numerous ways to win a match other than the usual world domination.

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Tree of Savior English Version Is Now on Steam Greenlight


IMCGames just posted the English version of Tree of Savior Online on the steam Greenlight page. Having thoroughly enjoyed both of the Korean CBT tests, I instantly logged in my steam account and voted it up. How about you!? Come on and vote it up! The NA/EU publishers still remain a mystery, but perhaps seeing the English version on the Steam Greenlight page would speed up the localization process. I personally wouldn't mind if the game was on Steam as I already have a wide collection of games on there, but I would love a standalone client.

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Black Desert Online Valkyrie and New Content Update Media Region Part 2


PearlAbyss and DAUM just released the first look gameplay video for the upcoming Valkyrie class that is scheduled to come out tomorrow or later today. It looks like PearlAbyss dropped the whole black spatter effects and went with the white holy effects, which is a very nice change. It seems like she shares some skills from the Warrior tree along with having some exclusive set of holy skills and attacks.

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