Nexon G-Star 2014 Game Line Up Trailer


Nexon Korea revealed all of their cards today and I must say they have a wide range of games to present at the upcoming G-Star 2014 event. I've tested most of the PC titles, but there are still a few that I need to get my hands on. You can find more details about each game in the review section of my website or the newly released G-Star Line Up Page.


Lost Ark Online Information and Debut Trailer


Smile Gate revealed a new upcoming blockbuster title called Lost Ark previously known as Project T, a Hack and Slash quarter view MMORPG. The new trailer shows off high quality graphics and beautiful skill animations. Lost Ark Online will have a grand total of 18 playable characters more details below.


MapleStory 2 Alpha Test Character Customization and Alpha Keys Information


MapleStory 2 Alpha Test will be kicking off later today and I am planning on participating in it! I was able to record a lengthy video of the new character customization features shown below. I ended up making a couple of male and female characters for fun~! Are you looking forward to participating in the Alpha? Find out more info below!