Lord of Vermilion Arena Online Valkyrie Profile X Ragnarok Online


I've been playing way too much Valkyrie Anatomia and had a sudden urge to try out the Valkyrie Profile characters in Lord of Vermilion Arena. I had a lot of freebies in my mail as a returning player which was nice. They gave around 60 gacha tickets along with 20,000 AM to buy a new card. It was during the Golden Week event, you might still be able to sneak in get freebies.

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Random Games to Play on Your Phone or Tablet


It's a slow relaxing month so I decided to check out my old games on my gaming tablet and try out some new ones while at it. If you want to know more about the game, you can view the website and details on the game's youtube video description. Other than that, have fun watching or skimming through the list.

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Black Desert Online Maehwa Awakening Trailer


The Korean version of Black Desert Online is going to be getting the Maehwa Awakening update later this week on the 12th. The awakening official teaser page in KR will be revealed in a few days, but the teaser trailer is up now, so you can check it out below along with the Ninja teaser!

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