Black Desert New Features and Valkyrie Coming Soon


DAUM just announced that Black Desert Online is going to go through new changes with fun and exciting new content features such as hardcore party features, guild ranking system, crafted lifeskills uniform, and the a new seventh playable character to be released next month. Find out more details below!


Closers Online Season 1 Agent Seulbi Update


NaddicGames has been doing a great job in keeping the Closers Online community up-to-date with another new update in Closers Season 1 featuring Agent Seulbi. It wasn't long ago until Yuri had her own Agent tier update and the release of J sometime this month. If all goes well, the a new Agent will join their ranks next month. The long awaited Mistletein that still leaves fans whose gender often confuses people. Meanwhile, check out both Agent Yuri and Seulbi feature trailers below.