Maplestory 2 Gameplay Trailer Reveals World and Combat System


Nexon Korea just released the first gameplay trailer for Maplestory 2 Online showing off the world and I must say, it's a very blocky looking game in a good way. It looks like Maplestory 2 is leaning towards a very cute chibi sandpark art and world direction. Looks like Dungeon Striker and Minecraft had a baby or something! I'm definitely going to keep a closer eye on this game now mainly because I enjoy cute stuff!


Black Desert Online 2nd Beta Review in Progress Part 2


Are you ready to learn more about Black Desert Online? The 2nd Beta Review in Progress for Black Desert Online highlights the certain features that players look for in an MMORPG. I'm going to explain the leveling experience, death penalty, open world PvP system, enchanting, combo system, and more. Most of the content in this Review


Black Desert Online a Closer Look at Character Creation


The first day of Black Desert Online ended and I had a blast with character creation. I may have skipped a few options because I was very eager to get started with my adventures, but I did provide a customization video of all the playable characters below! Unfortunately, the Male Archer, Wizard, Blader, Tamer, and Valkyrie classes weren't available for the 2nd test.