Tree of Savior Open Beta Adventures


Tree of Savior KR Open Beta started last week~ I'm hoping it will keep me busy! I made my first OBT video below~ Nothing all that fancy just a bunch of clips I put together from my level 1 through 100 adventures. I'm casually playing the beta atm, not in the mood to burn myself out during the holidays!

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Hyper Universe Online Gameplay Preview


My Hyper Universe Adventures ended rather early because I had a lot of other games to test this week, but I did create new videos for you guys to watch! Hyper Universe is a very high-quality 2D MOBA/AOS game that has a strong focus on the Jungling mechanics. This game needs more attention though I'm sure everyone is probably too busy playing the mainstream MOBA/AOS titles.

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Asker Online Blood the Deadly Vampire Scythe Gameplay


Neowiz Korea's Action MORPG Asker Online recently implemented a new character that I was interested in, so I went ahead and tested it out! It's been a long time since I've played a Male character that wields a Scythe! For some reason, over the past few years, all the Scythe characters end up as girls like Evie from Vindictus, Kritika's Yoran, Black Desert Online's Sorceress, Angela from Rusty Hearts, Soul Worker's Lily, and more. This new male scythe character now has a lot of waifus, lol.

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Blade & Soul Online New Class The Soul Fighter


I spent most of my weekend re-learning how to play the Korean version of Blade & Soul Online! Why? The Soul Fighter, a newly released class just came out on the test server, so I figured I'd take it for a test drive! This class doesn't feel that unique compared to the previous new class called the Warlock mainly because it's a hybrid of two classes that's already available. I'm playing on the "Test Server" so mostly PvE stuff.

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