Closers Online New Brilliance of Darkness Set Looks Devilish


Naddic Games and Nexon Korea just released a lot of new high-quality costumes for all of the current playable characters of Anime MORPG Closers Online. The new Brilliance of Darkness set can't be purchased in the cash shop normally and can only be obtained by combining two high-quality cash outfits together, as a result, there is a small chance of obtaining one single piece of the new outfit. 

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Arpiel Online New Playable Characters Preview


Ngine Studios has been releasing a lot of new characters for Arpiel Online lately and I decided to go back and try them out really quick! The first new character was a Sheep or Ram girl character and the new one that was recently released last week is the Dog type boy who wields a deadly Assault Rifle!

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Black Desert Online World Boss Update Desert Dragon Changes


PearlAbyss is always on top of things when it comes to updates for Black Desert Online. The latest update made the Desert Dragon much more scarier than usual. It received an increased in size, damage, new attacks, much more mobile, etc. I died a couple of times due to my HP being low and the dragon just one shotted me. They will probably update it again with more stuff, but here is the preview of version two below!

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Black Desert Online Ranger Awakening Trailer


PearlAbyss and DAUM just released a new awakening trailer for Black Desert Online's Ranger class. Her awakening weapon seems to be an elemental short-sword and gives her access to a whole new range of mid to melee range skills. The update is scheduled to go live a few days from now on January 14th.

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MapleStory2 New Playable Instruments


Completely bored over the weekend, I decided to login MapleStory2 and see what's new. Upon logging in, I received a brand new Piano & Guitar! From there I started jamming to the random free Mabinogi music sheets provided from the NPC. Players can also create their own music in the game, but it's a little bit tricky. If it becomes popular, someone might make a program to import music from Midi to the game similar to Mabinogi.

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