Lineage Eternal PC and Cloud Mobile Live Gameplay Demos


G-Star 2014 just went live today and it's a very big gaming convention in South Korea that is similar to E3 Entertainment Expo and PAX. Cutting straight to the point Korean news media gaming news such as sites and recently posted a couple game play demos of Lineage Eternal below. I would have posted my own, but seeing as I have never step one foot in South Korea, that would be impossible.


Tree of Savior Online G-Star 2014 Trailer the Hype Continues


The development of Tree of Savior Online has been progressing went fairly smooth this year as the developers kept their fans updated with weekly updates. Not much new information has surfaced yet other than this new lengthy trailer showing off boss battles, party play, various playable jobs, rollercoaster rides, and random stuff. As many of you may know Nexon Korea will be publishing the Korean version of the game.


Peria Chronicles Online Full Teaser Trailer


Anime themed Sandbox MMORPG Peria Chronicles new gameplay trailer is now out! The latest trailer reveals most of the sandbox features, user created content, monster taming system, new character customization features, faster combat, and an endless amount of cute MOE stuff.


Ghost in the Shell Online First Connection Debut Trailer


The debut trailer for Ghost in the Shell First Connection is now available showing various playable characters from Section 9 and more! Ghost in the Shell is a fast-paced FPS game where players take advantage of their special abilities and augmentations such as speed boost, increased in damage, stealth, and more. More details below.