Granblue Fantasy JRPG English Language Added Next Year


It's been a long time since I last played the popular JRPG Granblue Fantasy. Even today, the game continues to rank top charts as one of the leading games in Japan. (Updated) It looks like they're just going to add the English language option instead of a new server. With all the recent Granblue Fantasy hype going about, I decided to make a new gameplay video and post some of my older ones below.


Bless Online Final Test New Action MMORPG


The first day of the final test for Bless Online had just ended and I just wanted to share some of my first impressions about the combat system. One of the new features of the game is the Action Combat options. However, a big question still remains. Is it really an action MMORPG or a last minute addition?


Closers Online Levia Advanced Job Update and Trailers


Closers Online is getting a new update for the new character that was released late last month. Nexon Korea and NaddGames released two new trailers featuring Levia's job update and her background story on how the 13-year-old ended up joining the WolfDog team of Closers Online. Levia is a the daughter of Hecatonchires and is not really human, according to the story, she was hatched from an egg.