Tree of Savior Dungeon Party Gameplay & Corsair Gun Preview


A lot of people have been asking about the current EXP rates of the Korean version of Tree of Savior Online. I think it's about the same or a little bit better than iCBT1, though I'm not really sure. I've been casually playing the Open Beta here and there between testing other games this week. With that said, I have a new gameplay video for you to enjoy below!

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Black Desert Online Snow Weather and Christmas Outfit


I ended up caving in and purchased the cute Christmas outfit for my Tamer in Black Desert Online. I've got a really bad habit of buying and collecting random cute stuff. I took a lot of pictures of my outfit along with the snowy weather effects of Black Desert Online below! Have fun~

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Black Desert Online Valencia Part 2 Update


Black Desert just received another large update this month introducing the 2nd region of Valencia also known as the desert region. PearlAbyss and Daum released a new five-minute long trailer showing off the large new area revealing new towns, villages, four new open world dungeons, and more. This patch also introduces the new PK system with bounty hunting and jail system that is exclusive in the Valencia region.

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Soul Worker Online Stress Test Preview


Liongames Korea's Anime Action MORPG Soul Worker Online stress test had just ended! I focused on the new character during this beta since I've already tested the other characters during the previous test. I didn't test Soul Worker as much as I would like to because of my busy schedule, but as always, I've prepared a handful of videos for you guys to enjoy!

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Closers Online New Playable Character Harpy


NaddicGames and Nexon Korea just released a new trailer featuring a new Wolfdog recruit character that's now playable in Closers Online. With a codename of Rogue Harpy her unique playstyle resides in various kicking attacks, wind attacks, aerial combos, and more. I actually went ahead and tested this new character out in the tutorial mission. She's got some nice moves, I might play her more since TOS servers keeps on exploding.

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