Kingdom Under Fire II Latest Trailers in English


BLUESIDE Inc just released two sexy trailers for their upcoming Action Strategy MMORPG Kingdom Under Fire II! One of the trailers shows off gameplay in English, that's right! You heard me correctly all of the text, NPC's, skills, and more. Perhaps this is one step closer to an English beta for the SEA version of Kingdom Under Fire II or a different region. Before you watch the two awesome trailers below, make sure you check out the official Kingdom Under Fire II Facebook Page. I've also added some of the official press information below, for those that want to learn more about this game or simply want know where the game is headed to next.


Peria Chronicles Interview and Features Explained


Peria Chronicles Online is one of the hottest upcoming sandbox MMORPG in the future and a lot of people have been asking me questions about the games unique system in detail. With that said, I decided to translate a recent interview that contains a lot of information! Hopefully, this interview fills in the gaps and holes that left you pondering about the system features. Check out the lengthy interview along with the recently released trailers for Peria Chronicles right below.


Tree of Savior Online Trailer and Test Schedule


At last, the long awaited Tree of Savior First Look Gameplay Teaser Trailer was just released an hour ago. I'm in love with the graphics! IMCGAMES kept their promise when they meant to bring a true successor of the Ragnarok Online Series. Check out the trailer below and let me know what you guys think! According to the trailer, the first test is scheduled to start February 2014!? Are you ready :D!


Peria Chronicles Gameplay Combat


Curious to learn what the combat is like for Peria Chronicles Online? No problem! THINGSOFT and Nexon Korea just released a new trailer showing of the combat mechanics gameplay. It looks like a mixture of targeting and non targeting combat. Not that it's important due to the games summoning system where players can capture and use monsters to aid them in battle. You can actually see some main character combat around a minute in the trailer. Peria Chronicles is looking great so far. HYPED! Oh and before I forget, they also updated their main teaser page found at


Peria Chronicles Online Debuts Sandbox Trailers


Nexon just released two amazing videos for the upcoming Anime Sandbox MMORPG Peria Chronicles Online. When I mention sandbox, I mean players can create and summon pieces of lands, make floating islands, create houses, towns, cities, and more! The trailers doesn't just stop at those unique features this game has to offer. It also shows off the real time day and night system along with the unique Pokemon like combat mechanics of the game. Enough of me yapping, go on and watch the two trailers below.