Black Desert Online Beta Preview Part 3 GvG & PvP


My 3rd day of Black Desert Online had just ended and I am here to share my thoughts on how the PvP and GvG system works. I will try to go describe every detail on how the system works ranging from castle sieges, player killing, player vs player, guild battles, losing exp and items, and more. I'm also going to be throwing out some personal opinions about the GvG system. PvP in Black Desert Online is actually exciting at the same time frustrating because of the heavy death penalties.


Black Desert Online Beta Preview Part 2 Housing


In today's Black Desert Online Preview I will go over the process obtaining a house in the Closed Beta. The the type of houses available in the first beta are Auctioned Houses. For testing purposes, they enabled Auctioned Housing in one of the medium sized towns in the game. Unlike most of my previews, the article below is going to be filled a lot of screenshots. Pre-load the images below and enjoy the article!


Black Desert Online Beta Preview Part 1


The second day of the Black Desert Closed Beta had just ended for me and I am really eager to share a ton of information about the game. In today's Black Desert Preview, I will be going through the combat basics, death penalty, parkouring in town, and exploring. Please keep in mind that most of the content shown in this preview will most likely change in the future! As always, my previews contain a lot of HD+ videos so I hope you enjoy reading and watching as much as I enjoyed working on them.


Bless Online Special FX and Combat Trailer

mainBless Online offers an amazing world, but how will the gameplay be like? Nowadays everyone is looking into action MMO's, as for me, I am very open-minded when it comes to gameplay. There were rumors a few years ago saying that they are working on Action Based combat, but I am not entirely sure if they proceeded with that plan just yet or if it's just rumors because I can see some Point & Click gameplay going on in the trailer below. Then there are some scenes that look very actiony, not sure if it's cutscenes or something else. Wouldn't worry about too much, FFXIV ARR turned out pretty awesome despite the non action combat.


The World of Bless Online Trailers

blessnewNeowiz Bless Studio just released seven new amazing trailers for Bless Online showing off the beautiful seamless world it has to offer. I must say, I am very impressed with the amount of details and that went through in the world. You must check out the videos below. The trailers are split into different categories such as Wind Patterns, Sky Boxes, Day and Night System, World Position Offset, and so much more. ArcheAge is currently in my top list for one of the most impressing seamless worlds and this game is almost in par with it, minus the whole sea adventures. I'm definitely going to have some trouble gaugaing which world looks much more beautiful between this game Black Desert Online and ArcheAge.