Arpiel Online Preview


Arpiel Online is one of Nexon Korea's new title to be revealed this year in G-Star 2015 which is scheduled to go live a few days from now. I have a lot of footage from the recent beta that ended earlier last week below. Here is the official game description. Ngine Studios' Arpiel is an online quarter-view RPG set in magic school, Arpiel. Arpiel’s unique furry characters are designed based on various animals, including rabbit, snake, and leopard cat.

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Moonlight Blade Online Published by Nexon in Latest G-Star 2015 Page


Moonlight Blade is coming out in South Korea and it's going to be published by Nexon! Here is the official game description for G-Star 2015. ‘Moonlight Blade‘ is a 3D Kung Fu MMORPG developed by Tencent, that has recreated the Chinese Kung Fu world based on Gu Long’s novel. Famous movie director and martial arts choreographer ‘Chen Kexin’ and ‘Woo-ping Yuen’ participated in the production to bring film-like details to the game, which uses Tencent’s physical engine to render realistic graphics.

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Black Desert Online 3rd World Boss Karanda the Harpy Queen


PearlAbyss and Daum recently introduced a new world boss in today's Black Desert Online patch! I literally camped this boss all day for 10 hours straight just so that I can get a gameplay video of it, so here it is! You'll see me get one shotted by feather rain randomly, didn't think it would hurt so much even with decent gear!

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Hyper Universe Online G-Star 2015


Nexon Korea's Hyper Universe is going to appear at Nexon G-Star 2015, here is the official game description. CWAVESOFT's HYPERUNIVERSE is an online side-scrolling AOS game that takes place in HYPERUNIVERSE, a hub that connects all corners of the galaxy. Hypers, heroes with superpowers, must battle it out for supremacy to save the universe from extinction.

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