Core Masters SEA Closed Beta Commences Next Week


The SEA version of Core Masters kicks off Closed Beta starting next week on December 17th! Not sure if it will have an IP block or not, but I can guarantee it will contain Japanese voices, which is awesome. Just a friendly reminder for those looking to play a new MOBA/AOS game to go and sign up. I've added a few personal gameplay videos below for those that want to see or let a friend know what the game is about.


Tree of Savior Online Teaser Page Goes Live with a Nice BGM


Nexon Korea just launched the official website teaser page for Tree of Savior Online with a nice beautiful BGM to listen to! The teaser page also mentions something to be revealed at December 22nd. If I had to guess, it might reveal a new website along with the 1st public Closed Beta. Anyhow, check out the new website and enjoy the new BGM!


Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded for PC and Alpha Test Entry


Either Square-Enix is running out of ideas or they are happily porting all kinds of Arcade games to PC. Not that I am complaining as I have always wanted to try out both MOBA Lord of Vermilion and TPS PvP Gunslinger Stratos for the longest time. Never heard of this game? No problem! Watch the trailer below and if you like what you see, sign up for the beta by logging in your Japanese Square-Enix account.


Bless Online 2nd Closed Beta Ground and Flying Mounts Hinted for Future


The 2nd Closed Beta of Bless Online will have over 30 different kinds of mounts for players to collect and each one will feature unique skills and effects when mounted on. They also introduced a new sprinting system for mounts that can be executed by pressing the W key twice. Below you will find a collection of mounts and a hint of flying ones in the future.


Lord of Vermilion Arena 2nd Alpha Status Teaser Page Updates


Square Enix just launched a mini alpha status update page for the upcoming Action MOBA Lord of Vermilion Arena that is scheduled to kick off near the end of the month. The teaser page currently reveals an improved tutorial system, party balancing, and handful of summoned familiar images. The upcoming alpha will feature an additional 20 more summons resulting in a grand total of 60 summons!


Mystic Fighter Online Shutting Down on December 17th

mystic shut

Dadam Game's Mystic Fighter Online lived a fairly short life shutting down months after it went live. The developers sincerely apologizes and will happily reimburse players that spent money on outfits excluding consumable items. I actually liked playing this game, but I guess most of the 2D Action MORPG community is busy with Dungeon Fighter, especially with the constant updates.


Fantasy MMORPG Luna Moonlight Thieves Closed Beta Next Year


Webzen Korea just announced that they are planning on moving forward with Luna Moonlight Thieves which was originally called Luna Story ELS. The upcoming Anime MMORPG will feature a non-targeting combat system, unique family guild system, and PvP content. The first Closed Beta is scheduled to start early next year followed by Open Beta the same year in a later date. I collected some images of Project ELS and photochopped'em up below for those wondering what the game may look like in the future.


Anime Action MORPG Closers New Website Launches as Pre-Open Beta Nears


Nexon Korea just launched the newly redesigned website for Closers Online along with a few events to kick off the upcoming Pre-Open Beta. Players will be able to get access to the new High School areas and dungeons during the final test starting next week on December 11th. Other than the age 12 and up restriction, the Pre-Open Beta is open to all users with a Korean Nexon Account.