Neowiz Aiming to Release Project Black Sheep and Bless This Year


Neowiz Korea is planning on a back to back blockbuster MMORPG release this year with Bless Online and Project Black Sheep. Bless has been receiving a lot of attention lately, especially with the upcoming 1st beta that is scheduled to start late next week. Neowiz wants to attract all kinds of users when it comes down to MMORPG's, so they are also preparing Project Black Sheep for the Action MORPG enthusiasts.


Blade & Soul Valentines Outfits Look Sexy and Spiffy


Blade & Soul Korea is getting a brand new set of Valentines outfit that's a must grab! I am hoping that the Chinese version will also get the same outfits, as they are somewhat coordinated with the Korean version when it comes down to clothing. As for the updates, the Chinese version seems to be updating very slow, hopefully new content is to be released soon. Meanwhile, check out the lovely outfits below.


Hounds Zombie Action RPG FPS Open Beta in Japan


The Japanese version of Hounds an online RPG/TPS hybrid game just went live! The game is currently being published by DMM Japan, so it might have an IP block on login, scratch that, I just logged in the game and discovered that there is no IP block. I was able to play smoothly from USA! I added my own gameplay video of the Japanese version below. Registration is very simple, link your Facebook account and you're done. Press Game Start and Win. Happy Fragging!


Featured Gaming Apps of the Week 02

I tested out a lot of awesome titles this week some good and some bad. Some of the games featured in this weeks gaming videos are very popular titles in Japan such as the newly released Attack on Titan Roar to Freedom, Merc Storia, Chain Chronicle, and so on. Check out the full list below, perhaps you will find a new game to install this week.


Blade & Soul Japan Anime and Game Site Updated


The official landing page for the upcoming Blade & Soul game is now live. It was no secret that their upcoming game was Blade & Soul! The upcoming Anime and game will both have the same voice actors and actresses which can be viewed below. Everyone is really hyped up for the upcoming Anime, I just hope that they don't steer too far away from the original story of the game.


Bless Online First Closed Beta Trailer and Details Revealed


The first Closed Beta for Bless Online is scheduled to start later this month starting on February 20th and will last until the 23rd. There are numerous events on their website to get into beta and you can start applying for the lottery version today. Neowiz also revamped their official Bless Online website for the upcoming beta and added a new trailer which can be previewed below.


Kingdom Under Fire II SEA Rumored Live Service in March


The next Kingdom Under Fire II beta kicks off next month sometime around March. A follower of mine discovered and sent me a couple evidence pictures. Learn more about the upcoming beta or live service speculation below. I haven't received any official press releases on any betas yet, but the next beta might be this month if all of the information below is true.


Japan Takes Extra Step with an Upcoming Blade & Soul Anime by Gonzo


Japan is taking Blade & Soul to a whole new level and will be releasing an Anime series based on the game in partnership with Gonzo. What a marketing plot, seeing as how insanely popular the Chinese version is, this might attract a lot of people! It's not online gaming news, but I do enjoying playing a lot of Blade & Soul and I do watch Anime from time to time so I posted this awesome news.


Core Masters Japan Closed Beta Guide and Schedule


The Japanese version Core Masters will be kicking off on February 19th hosted by Gamepot. The game will most likely be IP block because that is how most Gamepot Japan games work. If you're okay with that, then lets move on to the next step! Don't forget to watch the new Japanese Core Masters trailer with Japanese voice overs below.