Closers Online 2nd Invitational Information


Just a short update because I know there are a lot people out there looking forward to signing up and testing Closers Online. The 2nd Invitational test is strictly for players in South Korea because it will be a LAN based party test. Awww, I can't attend since it's so far away. There are also reports that it will have an NDA, so there might not be any videos of the second test lurking around. Unless someone is extremely ninja.


Kingdom Under Fire II SEA Open Beta


The SEA version of Kingdom Under Fire II is going to go live later today! Since the game is currently being released in multiple Countries, this version will enforce an IP block to users playing outside Southeast Asia. Not that it actually matters because you can easily play and enjoy smooth gameplay with a VPN.


Tree of Savior Team Launches English Developers Blog


IMC Games took notice that a lot of foreigners are interested in their upcoming new title called Tree of Savior Online. They decided to launch a developers blog in English. Due to the translation process, fans might expect a minor delay when new articles, interviews, and information is released. Other than that, you can go on ahead jump on the site by clicking here. CBT is scheduled this summer and I am looking forward to covering the game in great detail.


Nexon Korea Publishing Closers Online and Closed Beta Scheduled for Summer


Naddic Games and Nexon Korean just revealed their new Closers website showing off the brand new logo, though the teaser page still remains the same as before. Naddic Games also mentioned something special starting sometime in June. If I had to guess, it should be the first Closed Beta! Other than that, official sources say that beta is schedule this summer.


Blade & Soul Online Japan Full Beta Schedule


The Closed Beta is nearing in for the Japanese version of Blade & Soul so I decided to make a new mini article with the upcoming test schedules. Blade & Soul will only have two tests before the game goes live. The first test starts on May 7th with a data wipe. It will then be followed by Pre-Open Beta starting on May 16th with data carrying over to launch which starts on May 20th. Check out the details below.


New Dungeon Striker Grand Opening on April 30th


ActozSoft Korea will be launching the New Dungeon Striker starting next week on April 30th! The game will have a lot of events planned will remain free to play like the previous version. Just a little short reminder for those that are planning on trying the game out. If you already own a Dragon Nest KR account, then you should be all set for the beta!