Peria Chronicles Online New Artwork and Short Teaser Trailer


Nexon Korea's Peria Chronicles is one of the most anticipated upcoming Anime Sanbox MMORPG's next year. Nexon decided to release a lot of high quality Peria Chronicle images in preparation for the upcoming G-Star 2014 convention. Want to learn more about the game? Then make sure you check out my previous Peria Chronicles Interview. Right-click and save image for the full size and enjoy! I'll make sure to share new information soon.


Tree of Savior to be published by Nexon Korea


As of today Nexon Korea will be publishing the Korean version of Tree of Savior Online. Before you go crazy, IMCGames also announced that Nexon will only be responsible for the business marketing side and not the game development. also confirms that the publishing agreement will not have any affect on the upcoming international Closed Beta.


Civilization Online 2nd Closed Beta Schedule


XLGAMES just started recruiting members for the upcoming 2nd Closed Beta of Civilization Online. The beta is scheduled to start on November 25th and conclude on the 30th. Civilization Online is an Open Seamless World RvR RTS MMORPG that offers a dynamic world as players can construct buildings, tech evolve to different eras, and more. Still confused? Make sure you read up on my previous Civilization Online Review.


Moonlight Blade Next Closed Beta Delayed Due to Combat


If I had to nominate a Chinese game of the year, then it would definitely have to be Moonlight Blade Online. The game is beautiful in terms of environment and high quality graphics. Unforunately, the next Closed Beta is delayed indefinitely because of a combat system rework. Rumors are saying that a one of the developers mentioned it would be delayed as late as ten whole months! Meanwhile, have a go at some of my videos below!


Bless Online New Trailer and Focus Group Test Recruitment


The Bless development team is hard at work with a new development trailer teasing some of the new content for the upcoming FGT scheduled to start early next month. The 2nd beta was also supposed to start this year along with Open Beta, but it seems like the developers are taking their time in trying to improve the game a lot thus this upcoming FGT and CBT delays.


Black Desert Online Final Test


The final Black Desert Online winners have been selected and the servers is set to go live in less than 24 hours! I'm probably not going to hardcore the final test like I did with the 2nd beta because I want to save all my stamina for the Open Beta phase later this year. I'll keep everyone posted on my adventures, so expect some new stuff! I played too much Sorcereress during the last test, so I will definitely try something new this time around.


Red Stone 2: Adventures of Prominence New Teaser Trailers


L & K Korea just released two new videos for their new upcoming 3D Anime styled MMORPG Red Stone 2. With the current game progress, they are planning and hoping to launch the first Closed Beta later this year. You can watch the two newly release trailers below showing off the graphics and gameplay it has to offer. It's got a very nice Anime MMORPG feel to it.


HeroWarz New Open Beta Scheduled for September 26th


It looks like players will have to wait another month until Hero Warz hits Open Beta. They recently released new information along with a new teaser page showing off some of the playable characters. Hero Warz features over 50 different zones, 36 unique playable characters, 31 various dungeons, PvP, and more!


Black Desert Online Final Test Prelude Trailer and Updated Testing Schedule


Pearl Abyss just released a new trailer a few hours ago showing off a short glimpse of various production and life skills the game has to offer ranging from fishing, hunting, mining, smithing, alchemy, chopping wood, NPC trading, and more. I also added the updated the testing schedule and a couple new high-resolution images!