Helix Horizon Coming to Steam Mobile to PC Version


Helix Horizon is an upcoming JRPG developed by Kumora for two years. One of the interesting features of the game is the "Ring Out" system where you can knock enemies out of the arena and vice-versa. One of the former producers from SEGA who worked on Chain Chronicle is also working on this game so you'll notice similarities. The game sparked my interest mainly because the characters look cute like Granblue Fantasy, I just hope the gameplay doesn't get stale fast. The game is already Steam Greenlit despite the negative comments of users wanting the game in English or Japanese and the whole mobile to PC port.

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Closers Online New Agent Tina Update Trailer


The newly released Cyborg character Tina just received her Agent update yesterday with two new trailers one featuring her new skills the other trailer about her background story. I should really find the time to play her more, I really enjoyed testing her out when she first came out. My schedule seems super busy lately though, I seriously need to clone myself or be super Android Cyborg~!

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Legend of Mir Mobile Unreal Engine 4 Version Looks Amazing


The Unreal Engine 4 version of Mir Mobile also known as (传奇 Mobile) (미르모바일) looks extremely good for an oriental action MMORPG. To be honest, I usually go "meh" when it comes to oriental or eastern mobile games, but after watching the two trailers, it's got my hype meter going. Mir Mobile is developed by WeMade Next and they're also aiming to create the best MMORPG mobile experience for users. The game offers fluid action combat, four playable characters, and PK system to come.

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Lost Ark Online 1st Closed Beta Officially Begins on August 24th


Smilegate just launched a new teaser page for Lost Ark Online with a countdown and a schedule for the 1st Closed Beta. The official recruitment phase starts on August 3rd and if you're lucky enough to get in on the beta, you'll be able to start testing the game on the 24th of August! I was hoping for a new teaser trailer, but that might come a little bit later maybe Tecent will reveal something? If something new comes up, I'll just ninja it here or post on my social medias.

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MU Legend Online 2nd Closed Beta


Webzeon Korea just launched their recruitment page for the 2nd CBT of Hack & Slash MMORPG MU Legend Online. I remember testing this title awhile back and wrote a detailed MU Legend Review if you're interested! An early announcement, but the Closed Beta starts around September 1st, players with a Korean Webzen account can sign up today. A brand new CBT2 teaser trailer was also released and is ready for your viewing pleasure below.

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Icarus-M Unreal Engine 4 MMORPG Debut Trailer


WeMade just debuted their new Unreal Engine 4 mobile version of Icarus Online as Icarus-M. The game will offer a lot of content and various action-packed boss battles. Just like the original version, it will also feature taming system, flying features, raid bosses, and more. Be one of the first to check out gameplay trailer below.

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Lineage II: Revolution Unreal Engine 4 Version


Netmarble Korea just showcased the new graphics for their upcoming new MMORPG called Lineage II: Revolution! The game runs on Unreal Engine 4 and it looks amazing, though there is a catch. Lineage II: Revolution is for your tablet or smartphone device only, lol. I've posted some videos below from other people who actually attended the live convention below. Get a quick glimpse of the new L2R below.

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Lost Ark Online 1st Closed Beta


The new Lost Ark online website should be going live later today. Instead of refreshing the site, I did some news reporter digging. An application was submitted recently to the GRAC which stands for Game Rating & Administration Committee in regards to Lost Ark Online leaking some dates. Lost Ark's CBT is limited to only 9000 users and the testing phase or recruiting phase according to GRAC is around August 17th~31st 2016. CBT is now confirmed to start on the 24th of August, recruitment August 3rd. <3

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SoulWorker Online Summer Outfits and New Area Released


Summer just crash landed in SoulWorker Online with various limited summer wear outfits for the five playable characters of the game. Characters with the outfit will unlock special summer related emotes while equipped. The update also comes with more PvE content District 6 and Raid Boss~! Summer is looking really hot in SoulWorker Online.

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