Project Black Sheep New Teaser and Possible Beta Announcement


New information on the upcoming Action MORPG Project Black Sheep by PMANG will be revealed next week on August 12th! The new trailer has been out for a couple of days now, but I never really bothered posting about it because it's a very vague and boring 30 seconds. If you still insist on wanting to watch it, then read on!


Devilian Online Open Beta and Final Test Schedule


The Devilian Online final test is only a day away and I am very eager to see the new game transformation and quality upgrades over the past few years. I vaguely remember testing and writing a beta review about this game back in 2012. Check out the two latest teaser and gameplay trailers below!


Metal Reaper Online Open Beta Gameplay


The Korean version of Metal Reaper Online went into Open Beta this month and I finally had some free time to try the game out for a couple of hours. I made a ten minute long gameplay video below for those interested in seeing some low-level action!


Vindictus Arisha New Information Revealed in Recent Interview


A friend of mine from the World Wide Game Watchers site just translated a very lengthy interview article from Inven introducing new information about the upcoming hyped up Arisha character of Vindictus. The interview is well worth checking out especially if you're an avid Vindictus player. Also Arisha is now playable on the test servers.


Vindictus 9th Character Arisha Fabulous Teaser Trailer


The rumors ended up being true as the new teaser page for the 9th character Arisha just went live on the official Mabinogi Heroes website. According to data miners the new character is a hybrid melee and magic user. The trailer doesn't reveal much other than her figure shown off in a faint black silhouette near the end.