Lord of Vermilion Arena Closed Beta Schedule and Preview


After two very successful Alpha Tests, Square Enix is ready to move on the next testing phase for Lord of Vermilion Arena Online. The upcoming Closed Beta is scheduled to start on April 21st. I will also briefly explain the gameplay mechanics of the game, though if you've read my previous article about it, you can go on ahead and skip it!


Moonlight Blade Online to Enter Closed Beta Late May


Moonlight Blade is one of the best wuxia themed MMORPG that I have ever played and I eager to early announce that another beta is scheduled to start a few months from now starting on May 28th! A brand new class will be available in the next called Five Venoms. A class that extracts poisons from snakes, centipedes, scorpions, spiders, and toads!


Monster Hunter Online New Upcoming Beta The Awaken Test


Tencent Games just announced the next testing date for the popular Monster Hunter Online that is powered by CryEngine3. I've already doubled checked with two of my sources and they do confirm that the upcoming test will require a beta key. No new information has surfaced just yet on how these beta keys will be obtainable nor how to sign up. However, I did provide some useful links below for those that want to dig deeper. Happy Hunting!


Tree of Savior 2nd Closed Beta Schedule


IMC Games and Nexon Korea is preparing the 2nd Closed Beta for Tree of Savior Online starting late next month! The amount of players wanting to play this game is a bit overwhelming and I worried that 10,000 slots isn't enough. Nexon Korea just published the full Closed Beta schedule along with a new class character simulator for fans to play around with.


The War of Genesis 4 Spiral Genesis Closed Beta


After almost a handful of years in the waiting, Softmax Korea is finally ready to start the first Closed Beta for The War of Genesis 4 Spiral Genesis Online. One of the unique aspects of this upcoming MMORPG is the multi-character control system along with the various team and partner combos with each other.


SD Gundam Next Evolution Online Closed Beta and Limited Keys


The first beta for SD Gundam Next Evolution kicked off last night and while fooling around with the website, I managed to figure out a way to participate in the test by linking a Facebook or Google+ account. If you're looking forward to play the next generation of SD Gundam Capsule Fighter in a MORPG mode, then check out my videos and short tutorial below. The official keys given through the website might be limited so get em while it lasts.