Icarus Online CryEngine3 MMORPG Open Beta Nears with Early Character Creation


CryEngine 3 Flying MMORPG Icarus Online just received a new trailer for the upcoming Japanese Open Beta scheduled to go live later this month. Starting on April 16th, players will be able to reserving their character names along with creating their perfect looking toon. Below you will find a lot of raw gameplay videos along with the latest teaser trailer for your viewing pleasure.


Cosmic Break 2 Storms Into Open Beta followed by Live Service


Cosmic Break 2 Online is rushing into Open Beta this month starting on April 24th! All of the Open Beta data will be carried on over to the official service in other words no data wipe when the game goes live on April 30th. The game didn't have an IP block during the last test and players will be able to use their CBT account for the Open Beta.


Civilization Online Industrial Era City Halls and Great Wonders


2KGAMES and XLGAMES is ready to move towards another era in the next Civilization Online test, introducing the new Industrial Age see images below! First time hearing about this game? Civilization Online is a new kind of genre when it comes down to MMORPG's with RTS features. The game provides players with a real-time era progressions system in a one big seamless open world.


MapleStory 2 Online Final Closed Beta Starting May 1st


MapleStory 2 Online is closing in on an official Open Beta by finalizing the last beta scheduled to go live starting early next month on May 1st. The game has gone off in a totally different direciton compared to the previous game, but stll kept most of the community content and feels of having fun with friends. It sure reminds me of the days when I used to play the original Mabinogi and just chat around with players in town!


Black Desert Online New Character and Areas in Latest Upcoming Update


PearlAbyss and DAUM is planning on releases another new character and new areas this month for Black Desert Online. I'm not sure if it's scheduled to go live in today's update or within the next few weeks. The game is scheduled to have three big updates this April and will hopefully keep the community busy. A guild member of mine helped me with the translation on the latest information below so check it out!


Black Desert Online Angry Guild Tries to Get Me Banned


As many of you may know, I've been playing Black Desert since the 1st Closed Beta and have written many reviews, previews, published many videos, and articles about the game. I usually steer away from dramatic or weird articles, but this is currently the hottest topic in the Korean forums of Black Desert Online.


Lord of Vermilion Arena Closed Beta Schedule and Preview


After two very successful Alpha Tests, Square Enix is ready to move on the next testing phase for Lord of Vermilion Arena Online. The upcoming Closed Beta is scheduled to start on April 21st. I will also briefly explain the gameplay mechanics of the game, though if you've read my previous article about it, you can go on ahead and skip it!


Moonlight Blade Online to Enter Closed Beta Late May


Moonlight Blade is one of the best wuxia themed MMORPG that I have ever played and I eager to early announce that another beta is scheduled to start a few months from now starting on May 28th! A brand new class will be available in the next called Five Venoms. A class that extracts poisons from snakes, centipedes, scorpions, spiders, and toads!