Bless Online Future Plans Revealed on January 15th


According to Inven News, Neowiz Bless Studio will host a local public press announcement featuring new details on the current state of the game, opening schedule, business model, and more. I spent a lot of time playing the final test, I strongly suggest you check out my adventure articles!

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Tree of Savior Online KR Surprise Grand Opening


Tree of Savior Online rushes into Grand Opening opening today and a lot of users didn't see that coming given the game is still plagued with bugs. It kind of reminds me of when BDO first came out rush and recover later. A pretty bold move, but I guess I'll have to wait and see how the game does from here on out. It doesn't help that a lot of users are still upset over people cheating and game drama that happened last week. I've posted the cash shop info below for those interested.

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Beware of Fake Steparu Posers in English Games!


Apparently there are fake Steparu characters running around in the English versions of Black Desert and Blade & Soul among many other games. Please don't be fooled by them, if you need to ask me question or just want to say hello~ you can always chat me up on Facebook or Youtube. I usually reply, unless I'm busy playing games! Anyway, I'm mostly busy testing new random games so I don't really have time to play NA/EU versions as much. However, am considering playing B&S or BDO next year. I'll let you guys know on my Facebook and Youtube for more information~!

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Ghost in the Shell Online Steam Version Gameplay


Neople released the early access of Ghost in the Shell S.A.C First Assault Online on Steam and since I somewhat enjoyed playing the Korean version that in CBT, I decided to spend some monies and support Neople because they make cool games like DF and Cyphers.

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Tree of Savior Super Gift Package from Nexon & IMCGames


Every now and then publishers and developers like to send me nice cute things. Nexon and IMCGames sent me the biggest package this year with a lot of Tree of Savior goodies!! It consisted of 1x Tree of Savior Artbook by Maggi, 1x Tree of Savior OST with 2 CD's a super shiny cover, 1x Coffee Mug with TOS Tree Logo engraved on it so rad, 1x TOS Poster, 1x Extra Large Jigsaw Puzzle that I will never be able to finish unless the internet goes out, 3x cute hairpins that I can use, 1x TOS fan, a special OBT headgear coupon, and more.

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Soul Worker Online Upcoming Closed Beta Stress Test


Earlier last month I mentioned that the Soul Worker Close Beta is going to start soon and now they just released an announcement stating that the a new Closed Beta will begin this month. This test is Open to all though there is a catch, the game is still IP blocked, lol. Which means, Open to All JP players and Foreigners with a Hangame JP account and means of getting by the launcher IP block. This is more like a server stress test, let's break their servers guys!

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Monster Hunter Online Open Beta Trailer and English Patch Project Policy


A new trailer has surfaced from the depths of the gaming world featuring the Open Beta trailer for CryEngine3 Monster Hunter Online that commences on December 17th! Also I've got some good news, my friend who works closely with Tencent and MHO team had a discussion on the current policy of English patches, check out details below.

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Civilization Online Players Work Together to Construct Wonders


Not being able to read Korean fully, I'm always missing out on all the fun stuff in Civilization Online, like building large wonders with the community. It requires over 100 players to beat down on the building along with a large amount of materials gathered! Check out the video below from a random KR player!

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Black Desert Online Tamer Awakening Weapon Artwork Teased


The Korean version of Black Desert Online just teased another awakening update introducing the Beast Master also known as the Tamer. It looks like the awakening artwork changed from serious to cute, or maybe it's just the outfit! No fancy trailers just yet, since it's just an artwork teaser. The awakening Giant trailer should surface later on this month XD! I'm guessing the Ranger is next followed by Tamer.

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