Nexon Korea Entering Animation Business with Closers, Arpiel, and Elsword Anime


In the latest Gaming Anime news, it seems like Nexon is planning on entering the Animation business according to an article on Inven. Although there has been no official statement just yet. Nexon Korea is planning on announcing more details a few days from now on November 26th introducing titles such as Closers Online, Arpiel Online, and Elsword Online Anime.

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Soul Worker Online Animation Promo Trailer


Liongames Korea's Anime Action MORPG Soul Worker Online intro trailer was released last week. It's the same trailer that was presented during the live public event of Soul Worker Online localization rights debut in Japan. I'm sure you've already read my beta review of the game, but if you haven't click here. Anyhow, there are also rumors that the 2nd CBT recruitment starts soon! I'll keep you guys posted.

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Monster Hunter Online Final Test Scheduled for November 27th


Tencent just announced that they're going to have one last final test for Monster Hunter Online or some kind of test where player data won't be deleted. However, players will still need a key to get in the beta, lol. MHO forever needing beta keys to get in. If you're interested in participating int his beta, then check out my friends guide on Facebook. I also ninja added some new trailers below.

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LOVA x Rozen Maiden x Expelled from Paradise


Just a short gameplay of my random LOVA adventures today. I'm not sure if this game is still popular, but Lord of Vermilion Arena Online is still getting a lot of Anime and Game collabs left and right! I was busy when these units came out so I couldn't try them out free. I ended up getting some of them for tests!

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Devil's Third Online Closed Beta Fast-Paced TPS


Nexon Japan just started recruiting players for their upcoming multiplayer TPS title called Devil's Third Online. Despite hearing bad reviews of the WiiU version the actual gameplay trailer below looks fun. It looks like a kind of game I would play using melee weapons and takedowns only. Who needs guns when you've got all those cool melee weapons and finishing moves!?

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Master X Master New Playable Characters and Overseas Publishing


NCSoft Korea's Master X Master is one of the biggest games currently presented at G-Star 2015 and it seems to be doing relatively well. The developers and publishers are looking forward to testing the game in other regions such as Japan and Taiwan February next year. The new playable demo introduces the six new characters in the video I bunched up below.

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Lost Ark Online G-Star 2015 Smilegate Business to Business Booth


Were you expecting something new related to Lost Ark this year in G-Star 2015? It just so happens that the Lost Ark booth is located in the private B2B section and there doesn't seem to be any playable demos or media so far. It's not looking good! However, it's only the first day of G-Star 2015... I do hope they reveal something within the next few days. I'll keep you guys posted. Updated

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