Black Desert Online English Version Status Update


A lot of people have been asking me if I'm going to try out the English version of Black Desert so here is my official answer! Yes, I'm going to be trying it out, but may stay on the Korean version because of Tamer awakening updates soon. I've already reserved my name on NA version, so I do expect to see some of you there!

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Figureheads Open Beta Japanese Mecha Tactics TPS


Square Enix Japan is preparing to launch an Open Beta test for the squad based tactics mecha TPS Figureheads Online early next month. Users who are interested in playing the game can sign-up and join for the upcoming Pre-Open Beta this month. Check out the newest trailer below along with some of my previous beta gameplay footage.

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Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded Shutting Down March 29th


Square Enix just announced that Gunslinger Stratos Reloaded is going to shut down. If you've been following me and this game, I've posted that the game wasn't doing great community wise with servers being empty and bad multiplayer netplay system. More details about the shutdown along with a lot of gameplay videos from the past below!

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Shadowverse Closed Beta English Trailer and Website Launch


Cygames Japan just launched the English website for their new upcoming Anime card game Shadowverse. I've actually been waiting for the Japanese version of this game ever since last year's debut, but to my surprise, an English website popped up out of nowhere along with Closed Beta sign up's for the game. If you're looking for a waifu or husbendo Hearthstone game, then sign up for the beta! I really hope they make a PC version of the game or an extension like Granblue Fantasy.

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Black Desert Online Standalone Character Creator


A quick write on the English version of Black Desert Online! I thought it was pretty cool that they released an offline standalone character creator program. Players will be able to save their character looks and import it later for the upcoming betas and future release. I'll probably also be checking out the English version of Black Desert Online and perhaps returning to playing the KR version once the Tamer awakening is out.

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Blade & Soul NA Launch See You There!


I've been playing Blade & Soul NA during the past few days and a lot of people have been asking me what server I'm currently playing on! Iksanun is my current server at the moment and have no plans on switching over to the other servers for the time being. I previously wanted to join the more crowded servers, but the login queues are going to be crazy, especially with the launch officially going live today! I'll hope to see some of you guys in my server or cross-server party system!

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Bless Online Open Beta Begins on January 27th


Bless Online is finally ready to jump into Open Beta later this month starting on January 27th. Users who are interested in playing the game can actually go ahead and start downloading the client today and customize their characters early. Open Beta will have six playable jobs along with a new playable race. A lot of content has been prepared for the Open Beta ranging from PvP, RvR, Dungeons, Raids, Taming System, world bosses, crafting and more.

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New Dungeon Striker Shutting Down Again


New Dungeon Striker is going to be shutting down again on February 11th. The Action MORPG hasn't had any luck during the past years even with the new game changes and publisher hopping spree. Users that played the game can get some refund on the cahh shop items. Players who reached level 50 can also apply for a FREE leveled up Dragon Nest character. This may look like the end of Dungeon Striker or will it come back again, probably for the mobile version.

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