Alantica Online Just Became an Action RPG with Atlantica Heroes


I just finished testing Atlantica Heroes last weekend, another Action RPG where you can drag other NPC's to fight along side with you. The game was lacking in terms of graphics, especially compared to the newer Action RPG games coming out today using Unreal Engine 4 and up. Might as well try to make extra money out of their own IP, right? You can check out my gameplay video below. Not sure how much survivability this game will have in the long run. I personally would have preferred UE4 Tactics Atlantica for mobile or something.

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Last Period A Cute Simple RPG Gameplay


Happy Elements Japan created another cute simple game called Last Period. The game has been out for awhile now and it's very casual. It's a decent game to try out when you've got nothing to do. The combat and gameplay is fairly simple, just press a button to attack or defend. Players can perfect chain attacks and perform perfect guards to reduce damage taken. Characters are divided by different realms and such, see the preview below.

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Kritika Online English Version Open Beta June 8th


The English version of Anime Action MORPG Kritika Online is finally going to go live this month starting on June 8th according to the official Playpark Facebook Page. Is it IP blocked? The game had two servers, one of them was IP blocked while the other one had no restriction. I'm not sure if they will implement a ninja block the last minute, but I was able to play the previous English beta just fine from USA.

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Foreigners Can Now Play Granblue Fantasy Easier


Cygames just made Granblue Fantasy a bit more accessible to Foreigners by launching a new beta site found at Granblue Fantasy Game which only works for Chrome and selected browsers. New Players can then select a language they want, save the changes, and start a new game or continue their current one. If they end up enjoying the game, I suggest downloading the older Granblue Fantasy Chrome App to launch the game directly from your desktop. You'll need to play around with the settings after you beat the tutorial to make the game run smooth like mine.

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The Latest Valkyrie Profile Game Just Became Pay to Win


I was happily enjoying my casual Valkyrie Anatomia The Origin adventures until Square Enix and whoever is in charge of this game ruined it by introducing a pay to win event. Normally, I wouldn't care less, but the reward for this event is a special playable character named Norn who looks like a younger version of Freya, a favorite character of mine in Valkyrie Profile.

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Bless Online Is Getting Hit with Another Server Merge


The Korean version of Bless Online is receiving another server merge scheduled to go live early next month. Players can start the process of migrating their characters early to reserve names and other data. The game currently had ten servers left after the first server merge and with the second server merge just around the corner, the game will have a total of two servers left after everything is completed. This does not bode well for the upcoming English, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese versions of the game. Hopefully, the game receives better feedback in the West!

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Oz Chrono Chronicle 3D Fantasy Anime Action RPG


DMM's latest 3D Fantasy Anime Action RPG Oz Chrono Chronicle just came out last night. It's worth noting that the game seems to be fully voiced, which is a big plus for people like me who can understand conversations better than reading. 

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Action Square Reveals New BLADE 2 Unreal Engine 4 Gameplay Trailer


Action Square just revealed a new trailer for their new upcoming Unreal Engine 4 game BLADE II The Return of the Evil. The video reveals three playable with a fourth possible playable character teased at the end of the trailer. I've been hyped up for this game ever since the first trailer was revealed and it's looking pretty good so far probably one if not the best looking Unreal Engine 4 mobile game to date.

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