SoulWorker Online Summer Outfits and New Area Released


Summer just crash landed in SoulWorker Online with various limited summer wear outfits for the five playable characters of the game. Characters with the outfit will unlock special summer related emotes while equipped. The update also comes with more PvE content District 6 and Raid Boss~! Summer is looking really hot in SoulWorker Online.

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Lost Ark Online New Teaser Site Launching on 28th Possible Upcoming Beta


It's been awhile since I've posted something related to Lost Ark Online! I'm not sure if it's just a rumor or not, but the image below has been circulating a lot in Korean media sites along with rumors that Smilegate will update their official website along with an announcement about an upcoming beta test, whether it will be public or private still remains unknown.

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Black Desert Online Upcoming Update Introduces Naval Warfare and Sea Monsters


The Korean version of Black Desert Online is going to get a big update soon introducing naval warfare, sea monsters, deep ocean content, new areas, and more. No official patch notes just yet other than a brand new trailer showing off the things just mentioned. A new town is introduced at the end of the video, which seemed to look like the hometown of Ninjas and Kunoichis or at least a small part of that region..? Ship battles look fun, I'm definitely going to patch my game now and check out the update once it's out.

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Figureheads Online Squad Based Mecha Tactics TPS Freebies


Figureheads still seems to be doing fairly well in Japan with random tournaments here and there sponsored by Intel. Whenever I feel like riding some random mechas, I usually play some Figureheads or Mobile Suit Gundam Online! I was in the mood for more Figureheads this month, so I played and created one new video below. I'm not sure if it's returning players, but after a playing a handful of matches I was awarded with a lot of free mechas including a NeoNeuRon Assault mecha. If you've still got the game installed, it might be worth checking out. Also, players that had previously played LOVA will receive a new Figureheads avatar.

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Mobius Final Fantasy - Lightning Resurrection Full Story Preview


The last chapter of Lightning's visit in Mobius Final Fantasy came out and I recently finished playing through it. You can check out the Mobius - Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Resurrection Part 5 below along with the previous 4 episodes for those that missed it. I didn't feel like splitting up the last chapter into different parts, so it's going to be a 20minute long movie along with edited gameplay here and there. In the last episode, Warrior of Light tries his best to show Lightning the path of the light along with numerous boss encounters and a final duel before she returns back to her world.

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Destiny Child Scheduled for August Closed Beta


Destiny Child is one of the few upcoming mobile games that I'm looking forward to testing this year. The trailer hyped me up a lot and I fell in love with the rich looking UI and smooth Live2D animations of the game. Hopefully, the game turns out be really fun as it looks. There were rumors about the game being delayed during the private test because they had to improve on gameplay to make it more enjoyable. You might need a Kakao account for the upcoming CBT. Go ahead and make one for free while waiting for the signing up page to be revealed.

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Mobius Final Fantasy English Version Scheduled for August 2016 Pre-Registration and Gameplay Preview


One of my favorite mobile titles is finally getting an English release. It's one of the few mobile games that I actually keep installed and play from time to time. If you've been following me on social media, then you'll notice that I randomly post gameplay videos and events of Mobius Final Fantasy. The game is very welcoming towards free players unlike other mobile games.

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Heroes of Incredible Tales Global Grand Launch


Nexon's HIT just launched globally and is now available in over 140 different countries and in playable 10 languages. Heroes of Incredible Tales runs on Unreal Engine 4 so it's definitely a perfect game to test your current device's graphics capabilities. The game will have four different playable characters and offers an auto-play system for people who are often busy. You can try this game out or wait for the other game that will come out similar to this one featuring Elins.

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