Lost Ark Online Developers Aiming for Global Market


Smilegate's Lost Ark is taking over the world by a storm and a lot of foreigners are wondering if the blockbuster game will ever fly or sail out of South Korea. The developers mentioned that the game is designed to target both the domestic and overseas market followed by plan on how to localize the game to make it a much more attractive game to foreigners.


Aima Online Keyboard Action MMORPG Trailer


Aima Online is a new keyboard based side-scrolling Action MMORPG developed by KOG Studios the same company that developed popular titles such as Grand Chase and Elsword. One of the key features of Aima Online is the Guardian transformation system where players can materialize their body into unique looking Guardians.


Ghost in the Shell Online First Connection


Ghost in the Shell was announced earlier last year and it looks like Nexon will be presenting a new trailer for it next week during the big game convention. The game revolves around the original Ghost in the Shell animation offering playable characters from the series with unique gameplay for each one.


Lord of Vermilion New Alpha Trailer and Next Testing Date


Square Enix's just released another Alpha Test report for Lord of Vermilion Arena with positive feedback from the community. The developers are hoping to recruit 10,000 more users in the next test schedule to start late December. However, the schedule may change since the game is still in its early alpha state.


Peria Chronicles Online New Artwork and Short Teaser Trailer


Nexon Korea's Peria Chronicles is one of the most anticipated upcoming Anime Sanbox MMORPG's next year. Nexon decided to release a lot of high quality Peria Chronicle images in preparation for the upcoming G-Star 2014 convention. Want to learn more about the game? Then make sure you check out my previous Peria Chronicles Interview. Right-click and save image for the full size and enjoy! I'll make sure to share new information soon.


Tree of Savior to be published by Nexon Korea


As of today Nexon Korea will be publishing the Korean version of Tree of Savior Online. Before you go crazy, IMCGames also announced that Nexon will only be responsible for the business marketing side and not the game development. TreeofSaviorGame.com also confirms that the publishing agreement will not have any affect on the upcoming international Closed Beta.


Civilization Online 2nd Closed Beta Schedule


XLGAMES just started recruiting members for the upcoming 2nd Closed Beta of Civilization Online. The beta is scheduled to start on November 25th and conclude on the 30th. Civilization Online is an Open Seamless World RvR RTS MMORPG that offers a dynamic world as players can construct buildings, tech evolve to different eras, and more. Still confused? Make sure you read up on my previous Civilization Online Review.


Moonlight Blade Next Closed Beta Delayed Due to Combat


If I had to nominate a Chinese game of the year, then it would definitely have to be Moonlight Blade Online. The game is beautiful in terms of environment and high quality graphics. Unforunately, the next Closed Beta is delayed indefinitely because of a combat system rework. Rumors are saying that a one of the developers mentioned it would be delayed as late as ten whole months! Meanwhile, have a go at some of my videos below!