ArcheAge Client Download

mainThe ArcheAge client is now available for download, I suggest that you guys download the client as early as possible while there are people still seeding the client. For those of you who want the download link, just skip this part and read more. Anyway, the client folder is about 17gigs big so that's going to take awhile to download if your connection isn't awesome or the launcher decides to use up your upload more than download. The character creation event takes place in a few days so perhaps your download might be ready then!

ArcheAge CG Trailer


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Open Beta Schedule

Client Download
December 17th, 2012


load Link

Character Creation
December 19th ~ December 30th 2012

Open Beta Service
January 2nd, 2013

ArcheAge CBT Compilation Experience

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Game Publisher: XLGAMES
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