ArcheAge Subscription Leaked

mainOne of the more popular Korean websites called Inven leaked at how much the monthly subscription for ArcheAge Online will cost. The leaked slip is from one of the convenience store located in South Korea. Apparently this promotion starts on January 16th, 2013. XLGAMES has already commented on the matter as to whether or not this will be the final subscription price after the Open Beta ends. They also said that they will announce the final subscription price this week. For now the ArcheAge subscription price is a lot cheaper than Blade & Soul, check out the full details right after the cut.

ArcheAge Online


Leaked Slip

ArcheAge Monthly Rumored Prices

3 Hours : 3000 won = 3.00$
30 hours : 9900 won = 9.00$
30 days : 19800 won = 19.00$
90 days: 47600 won = 44.00$

Developer: XLGAMES
Game Publisher: XLGAMES
Game Site: