GunZ 2 Steam Greenlight

mainMAIETGAMES just released the GunZ 2 Steam Greenlight Page which means if it gets enough votes, it will be published on steam for everyone to play. That's right! For those of you who want to learn more about this title in detail, then make sure you check out my lengthy GunZ 2 First Look Review. Already have a Steam account? Then go on ahead and jump straight  the GunZ 2 Greenlight page and vote it up! A lot of GunZ fans are already rejoicing the debut of GunZ 2 on Steam Greenlight, perhaps this title will definitely be making its' way on Steam afterall. Check out my gameplay clip along with the latest English teaser trailer right below.

My Gameplay video of GunZ 2 Godlike Killing Spree


GunZ 2 First Look Review

GreenLight Trailer

Game Publisher: Netmarble Korea
Game Site: