Husky Express

huskymainHusky Express is on my top list of must play games this year.  We can only hope that the Close Beta is nearing soon!  Once I find out news about it I will gladly inform you guys and we can play together~ Yeah!!  While you're waiting for this game to come out check out some screenshots and video inside.  Loli + Husky is just pure ownage.


Official Trailer!

The prologue of the game starts you inside a helicopter flying over to the camp area where you start your tutorial.  In here you can pick three characters that you wish to play and your starting pet for the prologue!  The prologue gives you an explanation of whats to come and also show you your puppy being born.  Near the end of the prologue you get to play with your puppy by throwing the ball with your mouse key and he will fetch it.  The further you throw it the longer you have to wait for him to fetch and bring it back to you.

Prologue Screenies

he01 he02
he03 he04
he05 he06

The preview of the questing system is a whole bunch of delivering and talking quests right after another with some extras like collecting materials through mining.  After you finish everything that is when you will have completed the mission.  I am not sure if this will change in the final release version because by watching the videos it might be hard for some people if it's a lot of talking to place to place with a timer on.


Is it just me or does she look like Mari from Mabinogi?
002 001

More Official Screens
004 005

I think I will stick to one type of dog if I can :3

It's Ruari from Mabi again! haha

Keep your eyes open here for CB! ^_^!


Developer: DevCat Studio
Game Publisher: Nexon Korea
Game Site: