Registration Guides Update 03

steparuOnly three guides but they have good games so I am posting another RGU!  Amaret has made a guide for Uplay Online one of their more popular games is ez2on!  I also made a game guide for Lost Saga Online a fun bash em up type Action RPG.  The last guide is MGame Japan.  They have an upcoming Open Beta for Lunatia(Holic2) coming out today so register now if you are going to play it.

Once again these links below are to show the game or games being hosted by the company please check the forums for the actualy guides.

Do not ask how to get a KSSN or post in the forums asking where to get one it is not allowed and will not be tolerated.  Use Google or go to some other site is strict on KSSN rules your account will be banned if you persist your IP will be banned.

-MGAME Japan

-UPlay Portal - Provided by Amaret
-Lost Saga Online