Blade & Soul Sails to Japan with Teaser Page


I remember the Japanese version of Blade & Soul was announced way back, but now it's officially confirmed with the new teaser page that just went live today found below. The URL of the site says 1.0 followed by the word secret. It's no secret that this game is Blade & Soul. Does this mean that the Japanese version will have a similar launch as the Chinese version? The more concerning issue is, will it have an IP block and will it be censor free like the Korean version. More details below!


I would say that releasing this game is "too late" but looking at how successful the Chinese version has become, I think it will do just fine in Japan. Call me crazy since I have decked out characters in the Korean version and I decided to level up a new character on the Chinese servers all over again. Nevertheless it was still a fun experience the fourth or fifth time around. Maybe I will explore the Japanese version and start all over again when that comes out and perhaps in the NA/EU version which is going to be released... uhh maybe this year? Meanwhile, enjoy my latest B&S dance video below.

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