Lineage Eternal Simultaneous Worldwide Global Release


NCSoft announced-ground breaking news that will change the gaming world. Lineage Eternal will be getting a simultaneous worldwide global release with multiplatform support for both PC and Mobile version.

NCSoft is developing a special gaming cloud system. They want to test this system on Lineage Eternal services. Players will no longer need a Korean account to play NCSoft based games. Instead, they are given an option to link their Facebook or Google Plus accounts (Would be nice if they roll this feature out before the 1st CBT.) I wonder if Project HON will receive such awesomeness!? However, don't get your hopes up too soon. The game isn't scheduled to launch until 2016 or later.

nccloud mobile global

Lineage Eternal System Features in English below.

-Open World MMORPG
-Unique Skill Activation System (Mouse Cursor Movement)
-Field Event Quests
-World/Raid Bosses with 20+ Members
-Randomized Dungeons
-Dynamic Dungeons
-PK/PvP Available
-PvP Arena
-Simplified Controls for MMORPG
-Event Contribution Upper Right
-Items and Exp. obtainable solo (Event Quest)
-Showed Town with various players hanging out
-Mobile Game Support Using Cloud Connect Features
-Generic Questing System Removed
-Supports 500 Players in one area
-New Asssassin Class

Source: ZDNET
Source3: Kultur