Spike Girls Online Update

sgmainSpike Girls online had a huge update a few days ago which featured a lot of things.  The game is now officially released and they have opened their cash shop adding special clothes, exp boosts, and other goodies you can buy.  Spike Girls is one of those games that I would recommend to players who have never played any sports type of game online or Pangya Lover!


Guild System

New Guild system where you can invite all your friends in a group and level up your guild by earning GP points for every game you guys play.  Making a Club is pretty simple and easy so is joining one.  To join a club look for the name of the guild you wish to join click on their name and then the button below the next screen!

ss01 ss03

Wouldn't be a real game if there wasn't a Guild called Loli!

A lot of new clothes are implemented and some are special costumes along with EXP boost items.  Miyuri took a couple screen shots of the costumes with her character below as you can see.  My favorite outfit that I think looks the best is probably Shu's bear outfit even changes her hair color.


Leopard Dorothy Outfit


Cute Shu!


Sexy Alice Playgirl Outfit


Another Doro Outfit

There are a lot more costumes and accessories than shown here so if you want to check them out come play the game.  Most of the set items are Cash Shop only BUT you can win them in the Coupon shop just very rare but they don't expire at least which is a big plus for these types of games for me.

Developer: Movon
Game Publisher: Hanbit On Korea
Game Site: http://sg.hanbiton.com/