Lost Saga Online Updates

lostsagaupmainLost Saga Online had a huge update and official game release today.  Along with these updates they have added a new type of currency called Gold which is used for buying extra features in the cash shop.  One of this features is buying female characters which can only be bought through gold not game money.



Taekwon Masta!

Along with the big update today, they have released the 19th new class which is called Taekwon Master.  I logged on earlier today just to test the new class.  Unfortunately I was too low level to unlock the class but that didn't stop me from beating up other Taekwon players and stealing their armor just to try them out.  For those of you who haven't heard of Lost Saga it is a fighting action game where you beat up your opponents and strip them off their armor.  When they are stripped off of all their armor then you can pick up their gear and become their type of job or just have a mix up of other gear giving you multiple combo mix up.  If you want to find out more about the game check out the full review in the related links below.


Female Knight

Developer: IO Entertainment
Game Publisher: IO Entertainment
Game Site: http://www.lostsaga.com/