Figureheads Upcoming Update Introduces New PvE Modes


For the first time ever, Figureheads is going to receive new PvE co-op modes introducing large raid bosses. Players must hunt down these new bosses within a specific time limit. Just like the PvP modes, everyone must aim for the weak spots and core. As easy as it sounds, the core isn't always visible and players must work together and take down the enemy shield to fully expose the core.


The game will have two PvE bosses one large mecha called Moby Dick and the other one is called Core Ship. The large update also includes balance changes, new frames, guns, units, and more. Hmmm, I wonder if it's worth reinstalling to check this update out? Ninja added some of my PvP gameplay videos way below, for those interested. The game isn't IP blocked, so it's worth checking out especially if you already have a free Japanese Square Enix account. The PvP queues is rather slow unless you're playing prime time in Japan.






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