Hyper Universe Gets a New Playable Sexy Succubus Character

hyper new

Cwavesoft and Nexon Korea just released the new Succubus character in their 4v4 side-scrolling action MOBA game called Hyper Universe! You can check out her teaser trailer below showing off her skills and a new high-quality Angel skin that I ended up purchasing. The English version of this game was announced awhile back so make sure to sign up for that if you haven't yet!

I haven't gotten around to making a new gameplay video of her, but you can check out my older one below, just make sure no one is around and set your volume down or else someone might think you're watching something else...!? Cwavesoft did a pretty a good job in making a Succubus character, in my opinion, she's got a nice whip to set other players in place. She can whip allies to buff em or whip the opposing team to land some debuffs! She also has a bubble shield ally skill and siphon life energy CC skill that's really OP. Her ultimate unleashes an AoE Aura around her which charms the enemy players if they idle around her aura. Once charmed, they will lose control of their character and become a zombie slave for a short time.

Succubus Beta Version Gameplay

English Site: http://hyperuniverse.nexon.net/
Korean Site: http://hu.nexon.com/