X.A.O.C Online is Coming to STEAM Early Access This Month

xaoc steam

Wait a minute, X.A.O.C Online is still alive!? Many years have passed since I've last heard from this game and I believe there was an English version a few years ago, maybe gone now. Apparently, the game is going to be available for Early Access on Global Steam later this month on July 27th! You can check out some of the game trailers below or the official X.A.O.C Steam Page. Oh! The game's Early Access page also states that it only supports one language at the moment, and that is Traditional Chinese.

According to the developers, it seems like they've been constantly working and planning new content for XAOC ever since the release. Early Access is going to last 3 months long and all data will be reserved! Lastly, the game is going to have a price, so you might need to spare some money if you want to try out the newest version. The developers also mentioned that official release and early access price will stay the same.

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X.A.O.C Trailers Version 1.0 to 3.0

Game Site: http://www.xaoc.tw/official/
Steam: Link