Mabinogi Fantasy Life is Coming to Your Mobile Device

mabinogi mobile debut

DevCAT and Nexon just released a new gameplay teaser trailer for their upcoming Mabinogi Mobile! This brings back a ton of memories from over a decade ago. I used to play and love this game with all my heart. Did a lot of random life skills, camping seals, dungeons, farming, music, doing silly things with strangers, and much more. I noticed that it still has that one godly skill that everyone used back in my days which was Windmill, lol.

This is actually the 5th Mabinogi game to come out for the mobile device and a lot of people have been waiting for a version similar to this. They're hoping to launch this game next year in 2018. I'm looking forward to the final outcome of the game and hope it turns out really nice just like the original version.

Game Site: Coming Soon