Sdorica: Sunset Story Adventures and Gacha Shop Preview

sdorica new2

My Sdorica: Sunset Adventures continues this week showing story mode gameplay, Gacha, item shop, and changing the game language to English. I'm enjoying the Closed Beta so far and have collected a ton of characters already. I'm going to be sad when I part ways with them once the beta ends! Is the beta worth trying? Sure, some of my viewers already ended up trying the beta after watching my gameplay last week.

They're giving out a bunch of Gems daily and I ended up using most of my gems in the Gacha trying to unlock everyone. It seems like some of the characters in the Gacha has a higher appearance rate than others, or perhaps I'm just unlucky. You can evolve a character from 3 to 5 star by playing through the story and side-stages or getting lucky in the Gacha. I'm not really sure how many days of beta is left. I want the game to be out already, but I suppose taking it slow and perfecting it would be better since there are a handful bugs here and there. The game has a lot of likable characters and the story dialogue can be cute and cheesy at times. I'd like to see more puzzle elements added to the game, perhaps large scale bosses with multiple hitboxes since you can manually target mobs in this game. Multiplayer features would also be nice since they already have a Guild tab in the works.

Last Week's Sdorica Adventures

The Closed Beta can only be played on the Android device or on your PC via Android emulators such as Bluestacks or Nox. My gameplay videos were recorded on PC so the quality is very HD. Anyhow, you'll also need to download Taptap which is like QooApp or a hub where you can discover and download games in Asia without region lock on your tablet or phone. Once Taptap is installed, you can click on the link below or search for "Sdorica" in Taptap. If you manually searched it, you will need to do the 2nd step and follow the link below the Sdorica Reserve button to get to the CBT dl page or something. There are some reports of the game not being compatible with certain devices so try other ones if it's no good. If all else fails, time to play it on PC like me XD though you'll have to Google which Android emu suits you the most!

Android CBT Download: Taptap Link
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