Moonlight Blade Online Loli Character Preview and Gameplay on Live Servers

moonloli blade online

Moonlight Blade Online just had a huge update yesterday adding a lot of new content and the long awaited new loli character customization. Players will be able to create a new young female character or buy a cash shop item that will magically turn them into a loli character. Unfortunately, there are no shota or young male characters yet! I was actually going to buy the magic transformation item, but they removed the Paypal payment method so I ended up making a new character instead. It's fairly easy to level up in this game anyway, so have a look at my new neenja below.

Oh right, character customization! Nothing new or fancy in character customization the same old very detailed facial features and stuff. I had some trouble deciding on what hair to pick until I remembered that's not important because you can have any hair you want in the game due to the fashion equipment system XD. I wanted to mess around with the customization longer, but the video was getting long so I sliced it. You can see the final outcome of my character below, I went with the freckles look because they're the best. I was going to play the Umbrella character class, but I like being a neenja, so I went the cute and deadly Assassin route.

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