Rising Fire Extra Closed Beta Thoughts With a Sexy Outfit and Boss Battle

rising fired

The Rising Fire Closed Beta is now officially over and I'm back with my last gameplay video of the beta. The content was slightly getting harder as I approached the level 20 cap, but nothing too serious. I still think the AI still needs some improvement and the developers do mention that they're collecting various feedback from testers so expect some changes in the next beta.

Due to lack of time, I skipped out on testing the new Loli character this time around. Perhaps in the next test! The game itself was okay, it's not that bad nor ground breaking amazing. I would pick up the game and give it another try on the next test, so it was somewhat fun at the same time not as addicting. I couldn't really stand playing the game for lengthy periods of time especially when I ended up soloing long dungeons. It was rather boring alone and I would rather play with others, even if they were lower or higher level than me. I would have probably had a better experience if I was able to test it during the 1st week where there were a ton of players goofing around.

Game Site: http://rf.qq.com/
English Site: http://axion.games/rising-fire/