Lineage Eternal Gets Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4 and Delayed Significantly


The wait for NCSoft's Lineage Eternal just became a lot longer with the recent team development changes and the engine upgrade from Guild Wars engine to Unreal Engine 4. They want to prioritize and maximize the graphics quality of the game, so they decided to use the latest version of the Unreal Engine. 

Meanwhile, Lineage M is a big hit in South Korea and they're hoping that Blade & Soul 2 Mobile game will keep players busy while waiting for the new version of Lineage Eternal to come out. I believe they were supposed to announce the new Lineage Eternal schedule and CBT in the NCSoft Conference call that you can listen and lurk on via here in Korean and English. I tried listening to the whole 90-minutes, but all I heard was a bunch of Lineage M, overseas expansion, and corporate stuff. They're also planning to launch 3 large scale mobile MMORPG's within two years. Also mentioned various secret titles in development such as Guild Wars 2 mobile that's in the development and on the fence if they should go forward with the project or not depending the current market situation.

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