Final Fantasy XI Mobile Reboot Still In Development

ffxi mobile still alive

Final Fantasy XI still remains to be one of my favorite old school MMO and I'm glad that Nexon hasn't dropped the project! No new images surfaced yet, but the title was included in the latest August 2017 Investor Presentation PDF for upcoming games in Q3 2017 and onward. They also added Mabinogi Mobile which was recently announced last month.


As for PC games, Moonlight Blade and Titanfall Online is on the list, it's most likely going to be the Korean versions. MapleStory2 is definitely going to be the Chinese version next as it's already gone through a lot of tests in China. Peria Chronicles and Astellia seems to be missing on the list?! I'm sure it's nothing to worry about though. Nexon will probably reveal more hidden titles and other stuff at G-Star 2017 later.


Financial Report: Link