Lost Ark Online Sailing and Vast World Map Revealed

lost ark sea adventures

Smilegate just released another teaser update revealing an enormous world map and sailing adventures for Lost Ark Online. Most of the areas shown on the world map were featured in my previous translation of the Lost Ark New Bosses and Areas article. Here I was thinking that my CBT1 world adventures felt big and after seeing the whole world map, it looks like the developers of the game made huge progress from CBT1 to the upcoming CBT2. Sorry, I will NOT be doing a through and through translation, this time around just narrate mode.

lost ark world map

The Community Manager was right and most of the Lost Ark content that everyone has seen so far was just an introduction to the game and that the real adventures start in CBT2 once you go off and explore the rest of the world. I'm really excited for the 2nd CBT now, the hype is coming back!

lost ark harbor

The CM hired a sailor to help her, now she's ready for an adventure!

lost ark worker hire

August 2nd - Clear Weather - 2nd Day of Sailing

lost ark heart island

Oh my god! I discovered a heart shaped island~!
The name of this beautiful place filled with flowers is Ribehaim!

lost ark heart island2

In the middle of Ribehaim, you will find a rare beautiful red flower blooming.
If you present this flower to someone, will you be able to win their heart?
Ribehaim is a wonderful place for a photoshoot.

August 3rd - Cloudy Weather - 3rd Day of Sailing

lost ark pirates

After 3 days of sailing, I found a discovered a large ship.
It's nice to see another ship...
As I get closer... something doesn't feel right.
The ship was letting off a dreaded aura and it started to chase me.

I scurried away from the Ghost Ship and fled to the nearest island nearby.
I arrived at some sort of island that had an eerie atmosphere to it.
I set foot on the island as if something was beckoning me.

lost ark island

Upon exploring the island, I stumbled upon a narrow path made of unknown bones.
I went in deeper for a closer look, only to find myself being chased off by a bunch of poisonous demons.

lost ark island2

I somehow managed to escape the swarm of demons and finally caught my breath.
Looking around, I found myself at a beautiful warm open green area.

Here I stumbled upon a Guardian Protector in the middle of the field.
Intimidated by its presence, I ended running away.

I passed by a treasure box on the way out,
but I was so scared for my life that I didn't open it!

If an adventurer ends up on this mysterious island,
Please reveal the hidden secrets the place and the treasures within.

August 4th - Sunny Weather - 4th Day of Sailing

lost ark fishing

The sunny weather is a perfect day for fishing.
I told my crew member to cast the net right before we arrived at the nearby shore.

We also found an island full of Dokis nearby.

lost ark meow

Dokis are treasure hoarders.
Adventurers are always looking for them
So count yourself lucky if ya find em!
Deep in the island, you will find the King Doki, does it really exist?

August 5th - Stormy Weather - 5th Day of Sailing

lost ark sea treasure

We discovered a glimmering light in the deep ocean.
Could this be the rumored Ancient Treasure?

With the help of Jude, a professional sailor,
We discovered the treasure in the deep sea.

The weather started to shift and it suddenly became cloudy,
And before I knew it, a storm had arrived!

lost ark storm

The weather wasn't that bad just awhile ago.
Now I'm stuck in a sea storm!
The ocean can be very unpredictable at times.
It seems like my hull was damaged from the storm,
I want to land soon.

August 6th - Sunny Day - 6th Day of Sailing

lost ark survivor

Oh, look! There is a survivor nearby. Has he been drifting away all this time?
Maybe he's a survivor from the recent storm.
I welcomed him on board my crew.
As a gratitude, he wanted to show off his hunting skills.

lost ark sharks

Sometimes you will find a lot of marine life out in the ocean.
There are also rumors of large and dangerous creatures.
I'm looking forward to discovering more marine life in my voyage.

We talked about sharks shortly before arriving at another island.

lost ark conv

(I don't know how this translation goes.)
There is a legendary chair in this island.
If you sit down on it, you can see your future lover.
There were so many people here.
She wanted to sail away ASAP.

August 7th - Good Weather - 7th Day of Sailing

On my final day of sailing, I turned around and headed home for the harbor.
The ocean is filled with wonderful surprises and unexpected events.
On the way back home, I found a giant whale!
This looks like a good place to end my log book.
What an exciting week long ocean adventure!

lost ark whale

Okay, done somewhat translating and narrating the story of CM Risha XD! Anyhow, CBT2 is probably happening soon right?! It's really nice to see these articles about the game progress from time to time. Hope you enjoyed reading this article and I will be back on the next one. I should probably go ahead and write other game news now or go full Potato mode the rest of the weekend.

Game Site: http://www.lostark.co.kr/