Yulgang M Action RPG Mobile Short Gameplay and Impressions

yulgang m main

Yulgang M is currently in Closed Beta in South Korea and I've decided to check the game out really quick. The combat is pretty good for a side-scrolling mobile game. You have two attack buttons on the screen and you can execute multiple combos and attacks by alternating between them. 

You also have a dodge and knock-up or counter button. Once you learn skills, you can execute them by swiping the screen. Thankfully, I'm playing on PC so it's much easier to perform the combos and such. The game has some Gacha and the nice thing about it is that it changes the way your character looks. I'm always up for more fashion <3! If you're up for testing the beta, you can sneak your way in and get the APK from QooApp, Taptap, Apkpure, etc.

Game Site: http://yulgangm.nexon.com/