Figureheads Squad Based Mecha TPS PvE Gameplay


After six months away from the game, I downloaded Figureheads again to see what's new. Upon logging in I received a bunch of Gacha tickets and freebies as returning player. I'm digging the new look on the latest weapons and robots! I was lucky enough to roll some of the new parts. I posted a new PvE mode and customization gameplay video below.

I finally got around to testing the PvE portion of the game and I must say it was a bit underwhelming. The first few rounds were fun, but after playing the same mission twenty or so times, it became stale really fast since everything spawned at the same place and boss didn't really do much. I suppose that's fine since Figureheads mainly focuses on PvP matches and tournaments. If you used to play the game, you might wanna collect some free stuff to YOLO on the Weapon or Parts Gacha.

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