Caravan Stories Reached Over 1.5 Million Pre-Registers on the First Day

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The upcoming PC and mobile cross-platform Anime MMORPG Caravan Stories is receiving a lot of hype reaching over 1.5 million Pre-Registered users on the first day. In celebration of this insane milestone, they're going to be giving away 1.5 million worth of Japanese Yen in forms of 10k and 5k Yen coupons or gift cards randomly to users that participate in the ongoing event. In other news, Aiming also released a new teaser trailer revealing the Orc Race and their various settlements that can be seen below.

Seems a bit crazy reaching such a big milestone in such a short time, pretty sure something or someone broke something in their Pre-Register page. Anyhow, the Closed Beta is just around the corner so make sure to sign-up for that when you can! Hopefully, I can get some gameplay videos of the game once the beta starts. For some reason, I'm getting an FFXI and Dragon Quest vibe from the Orc settlements of the game. I wonder which races will be playable in the upcoming CBT?! I was thinking of rolling an Elf or Human.

Upcoming CBT: Link
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