KurtzPel Bringer of Chaos New Gameplay Shows Action Combat PvP and Customization

kurtzpel main

KOG Games just released two new gameplay footages debuting their new upcoming Anime PvP based game KurtzPel Bringer of Chaos. Featuring fast-paced action combat, team battles, cinematic ultimates, air combos, instant weapon switching, and more. They also released a short character customization video that you can watch below.

Analyzing the gameplay trailer it looks like an Arena game for now. You have your shift key to dodge attacks and tab key to change weapons. A lot of air combos can be seen in the trailer along with a random flag here and there, so there is probably a CTF mode. Combat and playstyle kind of gives off a SoulWorker vibe with some Kritika. Looks interesting so far, I do love my air combos in games! The developers are mainly focusing on the enhancing and perfecting the PvP content of the game. They also mention that they're planning on adding PvE content!


Game Site: http://www.kurtzpel.com/