The Missing Nexon Games in G-Star 2017 Line-Up

ffxi mobile still alive

Nexon's G-Star 2017 line-up is missing a lot of upcoming titles though mostly for the Mobile device. I was really looking forward to more Peria Chronicles, Project Meta, Astellia Online and others for PC. At the same timing, I was hoping to finally hear from the Final Fantasy XI Mobile Reboot along with some Mabinogi Mobile news.

PC Games

Peria Chronicles is actually my #1 most anticipated Nexon related title followed by the FFXI Reboot that I have yet to hear NEW information about. Last week, I posted the reason why Peria Chronicles won't be making it to G-Star 2017 this year, so you can catch up on that here.

Not exactly my first choice in an upcoming new MMORPG from Nexon, but the beta was somewhat fun and I'm looking forward to trying the game out once again. Astellia Online is an upcoming card, pet, summon collect type of MMORPG where you can have minions follow and fight alongside with you in battle, you can read more about it on my two different articles. Astellia 1st impressions and Pet sytem here.

Mobile Games

Mabinogi was a game you either hated or really loved, it had a very unique and challenging combat system when it first came out. I played this with all my heart back then and it had a really fun and crazy community during the first few years of the game. The mobile version probably won't recapture that experience, but should be fun to try out for some nostalgia. Even today, I am still friends with a couple old school Mabinogi players that I've met in the game.

Tree of Savior Mobile Remake is another game that is worth mentioning! I enjoyed playing the PC version of the game and posted a crapload of videos on it back then. I didn't get to play the English version though, pretty sure someone is running around and trolling with my name like they did with other English games XD.


FINAL FREAKING FANTASY XI! Nexon what are you doing!? Where is my FFXI Reboot news, info, teaser, gameplay, and more? I'm hoping they're just not adding this title over and over to their Pipeline as it reappeared again during this month's financial report linked below. Having loved FFXI while I was growing up, this is a title I wouldn't mind YOLO'ing and spending some money on.

Elsword Shadow of Luna is an Action RPG where you can tag-team out between multiple Elsword characters. The game was somewhat okay, but I already know that it's going to turn into another full auto-play farming game, just like every other Action RPG. I suppose it's a nice game for those that want to see their Elsword characters all grown up.

Durango, I completely forgot about this title. I was so hyped up about it back then, but the betas just kept going and going and going and going... I'd still probably try the game out once it enters a non-data wipe test or something. I'd be more interested if they had an upcoming PC versionish like some of the other Nexon mobile cross-platform games.

nexon mobiles

Pretty sure there are other titles I missed like Project DH and others, but these are the only titles that I'm somewhat interested in or looking forward to trying out. Overhit is coming out later this month, so I'll probably try that out. It looks super flashy and I need a new hero collector game. Although it comes out the same time as Netmarble's Tera M. Time to dual-wield Mobages!

Financial Report: Link