Moonlight Blade G-Star 2017 Trailer and Event Booth Pictures

moonlight main

Moonlight Blade is one of those games that needs more G-Star 2017 love and attention. Having participated in the previous test, the localization team seems to be working hard on providing users with a fully Korean dubbed version. Their teaser websites are also well made and there is a lot of text going over Moonlight Blade lore, clan origins, etc. I often stop by the Chinese version of the game to check out the new outfits and fly around. Anyhow, take a break from Mobile-Star 2017 and watch some PC stuff below.

Even today, Moonlight Blade remains to be one of my favorite and recommended original Chinese game while waiting for Justice or Age of Wushu 2! I should probably try out the JX3 Remake soon, I heard that one is making waves and is super popular. Not much PC MMORPG's moving along the Chinese side other than the ones I tested a few weeks ago. They're hoping to launch the Korean Open Beta before February 2018!

moon star

moon star2

Chinese Version Gameplay

moon star3

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