Free Jack Online

freejackmainCurrently in Closed Beta testing in China I thought I would shed some light on this game.  Not many people have heard of it but Free Jack Online is a racing online game with a little mix of real life styles and some crazy not so real style crazy jumps!  I thought the promotion videos for the game were pretty good despite the fact it is a bit outdated.


Free Jack Online Introduction

Free Jack Online Gameplay

No news on Open Beta yet for both the Korean and Chinese version but I will let you guys know if something comes up other than that you are probably wondering how can some people do this in real life well heres a video of a popular group that does it.  Please don't get influence enough to try this yourself for I am not responsible for your crazy actions!

Pro Parkour Freerunning

Developer: Wise On
Game Publisher: SNDA and ?
Game Site: or