Destiny Child Japanese Version Now Available for Download

des chalaunch

The Japanese version of Destiny Child just went live today and it has gone through numerous unique system changes compared to the original! I actually did quite a few rerolls since this is one of those games where you want a good head start. Oh yeah, the mobile version is also censored, which is strange... perhaps they're saving the uncensored mode for the PC version hosted by DMM Games.

I'll post a gameplay video of the Japanese version at a later date after when I finish rerolling, it was a holiday here in the USA and I'm feeling very Turkey at the moment. You actually get a lot of free rolls due to the 1million user pre-registers event and a guaranteed 5-star card which is super good, as long as you get something useful. I believe they changed some of the cards in this version with nerfs and what not. You better join one of the English communities and lurk there if you're gonna serious with this game. Else you might start off with a crappy 5-star or two~! Umm, that's it. If you want to reroll delete the "guestinfo.sav" file in destinychild files folder clicky, location varies per device.

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