Elsword M Shadow of Luna English Soft Launch in Selected Regions

elsword m

KOG Games and Nexon decided to soft launch Elsword M Shadow of Luna in English first instead of Korean! The game is now available for download in Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam for the Android device. Elsword M is a new beat em style action RPG where you play as an older or a more mature version of the original characters. It features fast-paced action combat with a unique tag team system.

Elsword M also uses a costume and avatar system where your character's skills change depending on the outfit they're wearing! You can obtain outfits in various ways from the shop, adventure, crafting, and more! If you're liking what you see, I suggest trying the game out for fun! However, I must warn you early that the game has an enforced IP block and I wasn't able to play from USA without having to use a VPN get on. A small tip, you can ninja disable the VPN once you're in the lobby for those that got Nexon blocked. They might hotfix that work-around, so enjoy that while it lasts, lol. There aren't a whole lot of games that can get an English version this fast straight from South Korea. If you want to learn more about the game, then continue on and read the official game description below.


Elsword M brings to mobile the intense real-time action fans of the franchise have come to expect. Elsword M offers enthusiasts new and old the familiar beat em’ up gameplay that combines with fan-favorite RPG mechanics to create a seamless gaming experience designed specifically for Android devices. The game unleashes innovative features exclusive to mobile, including a dynamic party system, fresh skills for valiant heroes, gorgeous cell-shaded 2D animation, epic quests in uncharted lands, and multiple new game modes.


Dynamic Party System – Create a party of courageous heroes with unique talents and personalities, such as Elsword, Aisha, Rena and Raven. Players can swap heroes or call for backup using up to three customizable roles. Fresh Hero Skills – Employ more than 75 new skills for each hero, and more than 300 player, weapon and item skins featuring gorgeous 2D cell-shaded animation. Epic Quests – Adventure across the unchartered lands of Lunalos, where players must explore, strategize and fight to recover the lost Luna Fragments and save the world.


Elsword M Shadow of Luna is available today in Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam on Android only. Players in these regions will receive a daily 5-Tier Avatar reward just for logging on throughout the soft launch event. Elsword M is free to play and rated T for Teen (ESRB). 



Multiple New Game Modes – Play in three all new game modes, including the Luna Search Party (main quest), tactical boss battles in the Tower of Rule, and endure an infinite onslaught from waves of dastardly monsters in Henir’s Time and Space challenge.




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