Conqueror's Blade Siege Warfare Beta Gameplay

conq blade main

Conqueror's Blade is a very interesting upcoming huge siege warfare game with open world features. I tested this game a few months back while I was in potato mode and no news updates on my site. The game was fun to try out, but the lag was really bad for me and I couldn't really enjoy it as much as I would have anticipated. Even then, I still did record some gameplay.

The game mashes up action combat with real-time strategy elements similar KUF2, but with a much more heavier focus on siege mechanics and largescale battles. You start a match by selecting one set of units to command whether it will be infantry, archers, cavalry, etc. You're either going to be on the defending team or the sieging team! You can order your units to move around the map or follow you at all times. You can even command them to use shield wall to protect you from arrows or other players. There are a lot of things you can do with your units in this game such as command them to push the tower, defend a spot, work the battering ram, activate skills, cover your back, and more. Each player can only control one set of a unit at a time so not much zerging going on.

Even then, with 15vs15 players at once, things can become a little bit hectic very fast, especially if they all decide to work together and push towards certain objectives. Conqueror's Blade isn't some game where you can go all superhero mode and Dynasty Warrior rush your way to victory. There is some combat strategy involved and you can easily die by not playing safe. The game also has open-world mechanics seen in my gameplay teaser below, though I wasn't high-level enough to participate in these events. Conqueror's Blade is also coming out in English and you can follow the Official Conqueror's Blade page for more information on the current progress of the game.

I believe the Chinese version is going to have another CBT soon with no data wipe! If you''re okay with the lag and stuff, you can probably try that out once it becomes available since the beta did offer an English UI as seen in my gameplay teasers. I'm not really sure when the first English test will begin, you can try stalking their Facebook page for more information.

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