Tera M Not A Friendly Game Towards F2P Users


Tera M was a game that I was planning on playing for a long time, but after testing it a for a couple of days and hitting a paywall, I decided that the Korean version wasn't worth my time. At first, I was thinking that I should spend some money on the game by purchasing some of the packages, but I saw all the other things I needed to buy to actually enjoy the game and figured it wasn't worth it.

I've already uninstalled Tera M, I didn't really like the fact that most of the system was similar to Lineage 2 Revolution with a much heavier emphasis on cash items. The game has a bunch of packages, small inventory size, VIP system, gacha, special gacha, and more. Netmarble seems to be experimenting with how much money they can milk Korean players and it seems to be working. The game also had those special shiny background gear for PvP similar to L2R.

I'm hoping that the English version will be a less crazy version, not even sure why this game has 4 stars... Anyhow, the English version of Lineage 2 Revolution is keeping me busy for now. I probably would have enjoyed Tera M more if I spent money on it instead of L2R. I hit the level 40 in Tera M which was the paywall level where most players got stuck, it took forever to kill mobs and you would repeatedly die if you only had a green or blue grade items. Most of my friends that played already quit the only ones that stayed are the ones that actually spent some money on the game. I couldn't help but feel like the game was just trying to screw over F2P users. Netmarble better not screw up Blade & Soul Revolution, or I might have to just wait for NCSoft's Blade & Soul 2 or M versions instead.

Game Site: http://tera.netmarble.com