Chrono Brigade an Upcoming New Co-op Turn-Based RPG

chrono brig

Lionship Studio of NC Japan just debuted their new multiplayer mobile cutesy turn-based RPG Chrono Brigade today. A lot of games often come out in Japan, but this one particularly took my attention due to the character style resembling Bravely and the real-time co-op features! From what I've read, Chrono Blade has fixed main characters and players will be able to collect a wide variety of animated skill cards for them.

The video above explains more about the combat, but the character voice was way to quirky that I didn't end up watching the whole thing. Just know that it's multiplayer type of game and your team can decide on who can attack first or not depending on the situation. Not that it would matter much, since you know mobile game and there is an auto button on the top, lol. You'll probably only need to manual play during raids and bosses or something like in Kairisei2.

chrono brigade ss

chrono brigade ss2

chrono brigade ss3

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