Ragnarok Zero Launches in South Korea a Revamped Version of the Original

ragna zero

The new F2P Ragnarok Zero servers just went live in South Korea earlier today and it's way different compared to the original version. Ragnarok Zero implemented a lot of new features such as an easier leveling experience, system mechanics, new quests, UI improvements, various packages, cash shop, enraged monsters, item changes, item upgrade system, and the list just goes on.

Anyhow, the servers are super unstable at the moment and the Koreans are saying this game isn't Ragnarok Zero, it's Lagnarok Zero! I'm was interested in trying this new version out until I remembered my high-school days and the amount of time that I invested in RO, lol. If I had the time to try out Ragnarok Zero compared to a classic reboot, I'll probably try this version instead. Time to stalk random Koreans playing the game. It's F2P so many Koreans are wondering if this version will be P2W or not.

ROZero Changes: Link
Game Site: http://roz.gnjoy.com/