Faith of Danschant Steam Version Slated for December 22nd

faith of danschant steam

Wangyuan Shengtang's Unreal Engine 4 single-player beautiful looking RPG Faith of Danschant showed up on Steam earlier this week. The game currently only supports the Chinese language so you'll have to play the game blindly like me if you end up getting it. Check out the official game description below or on the official steam page further down.

A 3D ancient and fantasy RPG console game is created by Beijing Joyfun(Wangyuan shengtang’s branch company). Users will have a fabulous adventure and start their own legend in a fictional world based China’s traditional mythology. The unique development team gathered the top talents from the Giant China by using UE4 and advanced motion capture technology mixed China traditional music and dance to create a musical and visual feast!








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