The Legend of Chu Liuxiang Another Wuxia MMORPG Adventure


A friend of mine informed me the other day about a new wuxia MMORPG currently in Closed Beta called The Legend of Chu Liuxiang that's playable on both the PC and mobile device. Taking a quick glance at the site, I wasn't really interested because I thought it was just another mobile wuxia game. Then my friend told me that I was able to download and play the game on PC using a real standalone client. That piqued my interest, so I went on ahead and tried the game out for fun.

I must admit the game looks very shiny like a lightweight version of Moonlight Blade Online. The UI felt really cluttered since the game won't let you switch over to the PC UI until you hit level 30 which is shown in the video below. For some reason, the advanced graphics options were hidden in this game! I maxed out all the settings and waited for the lag fest to begin only to find out there was no FPS lag and the game ran very smooth at 60FPS on my PC!

The game offered a handful of playable gender-locked characters seen in the video above. I usually prefer being a heal slave in my MMORPG adventures so I started out as Healer until I realized that heal bombing players might be boring as a first gameplay preview, so I went ahead and leveled up an Assassin alt. Pretty cool how you can perform Qinggong flying skills similar to JX3 or Moonlight Blade. Anyhow, that's all for this post! I'm gonna go ahead and play the Closed Beta more before my schedule become becomes really busy! I do want to post some high-level Healer adventures and dungeons later. Stay tuned~!

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