Karos Online Global

karosKaros Online was recently presented at KTH All You Can Imagine 2009 as one of their upcoming new games.  It seems that this game will be coming out in English very quickly unlike most foreign games out there.  You can check out the teaser splash page located at http://www.karosgame.com/ where you can view a couple screenshots.  The teaser site also states that the game will be coming this August 2009 which is only a few months from now.  Not entirely sure whether it will be a Closed Beta or Open Beta on the date given to us but either way everyone here can just wait for the Korean or English version.

Karos Allstar KTH 2009 Trailer

Developer: Galaxy Gate
Game Publisher: NHNCorp or AllStar Paran
Game Site: http://karos.paran.com/ or http://www.karosgame.com/