Berkanix Online

mainFrom the makers of Shaiya, N.E.O. Online, Dragon Sky, and Viva Fighter.  Sonov Entertainment brings you yet another online Sci-Fi MMORPG Berkanix Online.  You can check out a short flash intro of the game at  Berkanix Online will be using Unreal Engine 3.0.  Looks like MGAME's Argo Online might have some competition against Sonov's Berkanix Online.  Supposedly there will be a meeting on July 8th revealing more information about this game, lets hope they release some screenshots, teaser movie, or something to look forward to other than a poster.



Nice looking armor and of course the girls armor always has to show some skin right?  Sci-Fi Online MMORPG's are harder to sell to players, I have no idea why.  There are a bunch of old oriental style MMORPG's out there I think it's about time we need some new high tech Sci-Fi MMORPG's that takes things to the next level.  Thus I am waiting for this game and Argo Online!

Developer: Sonov Entertainment
Game Publisher: Sonov Entertainment
Game Site: