NED Online Teaser Trailer

nedmainNED - The New Era of Fantasy Online is one of three upcoming MMORPG's that Wemade Entertainment will be releasing sometime next year.  A new CG teaser trailer has been released, well not really released but I managed to find it. NED Online has been in development for awhile now. A lot of foreign gamers out there may have tried the early Closed Beta last year of the game. I am bit curious as to how far the game had progressed, since NED Online was one of the most anticipated games back then.

Ned Teaser Trailer

If the teaser didn't satisfy you enough, there are a couple super low quality gameplay videos floating around youtube. GStar2009 is also coming up so expect a lot of new information and media from this game soon.

Developer: WeMade Entertainment
Game Publisher: WeMade Entertainment
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