E32010: Vindictus Interview

heroesThis is probably one of the most anticipated news here on Steparu.com, I finally bring you the interview for Vindictus Online! Nexon America made sure they set me up with someone very knowledgeable about Vindictus and they certainly did a great job. I had a nice long chat with the Assistant Producer of Nexon America, Chris Gyselinck, and I'm bringing lots of good news to you guys right now! Talking with Chris was awesome, he was extremely patient and answered all questions I had prepared in fine detail. On a random note, Vindictus Online was nominated as one of the best MMO's in E32010. Anyways, if you can't wait any longer you can read up on the interview below along with some of my thoughts related to each question. Now Let's Start the Interview!

Some of these questions I have for Chris aren't even normal interview questions, most of them are complicated since I have played the Korean version thoroughly. However, I think Chris did a great job tackling my tough questions. Honestly, I already knew the answer to some of the questions but I had to get the answers from an official so that fans like you, will know!

The Interview Begins!

Question 01

Steparu: Are you planning on releasing the Mage class, Evy right away? Or will you wait a month or two like the Korean version did?

Chris: Not immediately, but she will be available before full commercial release. She won't be available in Closed Beta but soon after, Maybe around Open Beta. Evy will be one of the first updates that we will have for Vindictus.

Steparu: This is probably one of the most important questions I have. Isn't that good news folks! I am excited to hear this myself, after all Evy is one of my favorite characters.

Question 02

Steparu: A lot of players are looking forward to the Mage class, Evy is my favorite character. Who is your favorite character so far in Vindictus?

Chris: Just like everyone, I like Evy. She is a lot of fun to play with, some of those spells are just sick!

Steparu: Looks like Chris and I have something in common!

Question 03

Steparu: Vindictus Online looks like a hardcore game, with all that action going on and fast paced gameplay. How will it affect players who have less playtime as to others who go crazy hardcore with Vindictus?

Chris: Well, I think that obviously if you put more play time in it you will be ahead you know? But the beauty of Vindictus and most of our games is that it is very easy to pick up and play and learn the basics, but then it's difficult to master. So I think even if somebody were just to come in and play it casually, they will learn to appreciate it and love it. As to someone who spends more time playing the game they will be rewarded.

Steparu: Chris handled this question effortlessly, so even if you don't spend that much time on the game, if you master and read enemy movements carefully, you'll pick up games fast, then you will have no problem being on par with the more hardcore players. Hell, I play Vindictus casually and I still think I own!

Question 04

Steparu: Will Vindictus have an IP Block?

Chris: I'm sorry, I don't know the answer to that.

Steparu: Awwww, I really wish he could have answered that but I think this is more of a question that the main company in Korea have to deal with and more legal issues. Since Vindictus might also be published in other states soon!

Question 05

Steparu: Since Vindictus is free to play, how will it affect players who rather play the game and be stingy with cash shop items?

Chris: We always try to make it pretty close to a level playing field. In reality, most of our players don't ever purchase anything in cash shop. Then there are players who purchase items. We still haven't decided on what we will be having in cash shop. None of our games have any game-breaking type of items that you can purchase. The cash shop items are gonna be heavily focused on cosmetics, undergarments, and some potions.

Steparu: So far it looks like no crazy changes yet!

Question 06

Steparu: Will players be restricted with content or require cash to unlock, play, and advance further in the game?

Chris: What I really like about Vindictus is players who won't be spending money on the game won't be restricted with any content updates and such. They will be able to experience every content of the game, and won't be at a major disadvantage to players who spent money on the game.

Steparu: Having played the Korean version for almost half a month now, this is definitely true. The only time I purchased Korean NX is changing her hair style and undergarments.

Question 07

Steparu: Will Vindictus be up-to-date with current content of the Korean version?

Chris: We will at first be behind, but our goal is to catch up so that we will be releasing the same content simultaneously with the Korean version. Of course, we will have a lot of catching up to do, so it won't happen right away. However, we are planning on having frequent updates. I am not certain on the exact timeframe, but my guess is about four to six weeks for every new update.

Steparu: Monthly updates is great news, in fact that's a lot better than the Korean version.

Question 08

Steparu: How will Nexon America deal with the ESRB of 15 and 18 version of Vindictus?

Chris: We're still looking at whether or not if we are going to have it rated for ESRB. It's not mandatory for PC online games but it is mandatory for console games due to regulations and such.

Steparu: I really don't know why I asked him this question, but I think I wanted to know if the blood was going to be toned down which brings us to the next question.

Question 09

Steparu: Vindictus is very popular for it's very mature action gameplay with blood gushing out everywhere! Will any of these be toned down in the NA version of the game?

Chris: The content itself will be the same, we are not toning it down or anything other than localizing it. We are keeping everything! We are going to keep it just as violent and brutal, brutal elegance is our key phrasing for the game. We are definitely keeping that brutal elegance concept for sure.

Steparu: I am guessing that they will be dropping the 15 version of the game, and sticking with the 18 version and keeping it bloody awesome!

Question 10

Steparu: I love Vindictus, but how will some players react to some of the repetitive dungeons in the game?

Chris: Well we have a couple different things, we have multiple different rooms that are randomly generated each time. Then you also have all kinds of achievements, some dungeons will require to solo or finish the dungeon during a certain amount of time. There are a lot of things that keep the game fresh.

Steparu: Yup, it's still addicting and there are a lot of other things that will keep you addicted to this game like the raids and such available in the future and the new content updates!

Question 11

Steparu: Are there any specific dates as to when Closed Beta will start?

Chris: We can't really say about it yet but we will be announcing the dates very soon. Every one who got scanned by one of our people in E3 will be informed as to when it will start along with how to get involve in CBT.

Steparu: CBT soon oooooh yeaeee!

Question 12

Steparu: What is your favorite game in Nexon America?

Chris: Well, we have a lot of great games but definitely Vindictus, I'm biased but I love it.

Steparu: Hahah we both love Vindictus!

Question 13

Steparu: Do you guys keep in contact with developers often? I am very curious as to how the Dark Knight and Paladin transformation will be, can you leak some information? Haha

Chris: I can't really talk about that, but we do talk to the developers every single day.

Steparu: awww darn!

Steparu: That's all the questions I have for Vindictus. Thank you very much.

Chris: Awesome, thank you. I'll be out of your sight now! *chuckles*

End of Interview!

Well I had a great time talking with Chris, it's much more exciting watching the video of me and him talking since it felt more like a casual chat between friend rather than a straight up Q&A. You can look forward for Vindictus soon! Hope you enjoyed this exclusive awesome unique interview on Steparu.com!

Developer: DevCat
Publisher: Nexon America
Game Site: http://vindictus.nexon.net