MicroVolts Online Interview

mainAs the first closed beta test of MicroVolts closes in, I managed to get a good interview with the Marketing Manager of Rock Hippo Productions. Being a hardcore gamer, I asked questions that every gamer out there would have liked to hear about this game. Be one of the first to read the long in-depth interview of this crazy fun upcoming TPS game next month. If you didn't get in CBT don't worry, I will be handing out beta keys sometime before the first testing phase.

MicroVolts Trailer

Question 01

Steparu: There is a big controversy concerning MicroVolts resembling TF2 a bit? What can RockHippo studios tell us about this?

We have heard the same comments from some people making comparisons between the two games. The issue they had was with one of the early build trailers which didn’t show any actual gameplay for MicroVolts. Rest assured, once people play the game they’ll realize that this is an entirely new experience.

Question 02

Steparu: What unique features will MicroVolts offer that other TPS/FPS games doesn't have?

MicroVolts is really unique not only when you talk about TPS/FPS but any game in general. There’s an interesting contrast between this fantasy based toy environment, and deep gameplay mechanics which isn’t very common. We have put a lot of effort into making sure the gameplay is as polished as the presentation, and select players will get a chance to see that for themselves once the closed beta begins on August 12.

Question 03

Steparu: Why did RockHippo studios decide to rename this title to MicroVolts?

When we decided to bring the game over to a western audience, it was a logical step to ensure that not only the name but other elements were localized. We have received very positive feedback so far about our localization efforts, and we are pleased about that.

Question 04

Steparu: How many different types of game modes will MicroVolts have?

Initially, it will feature a total of 5 different game modes. I can tell you however, that we are already developing even more modes for future updates.

Question 05

Steparu: Wow, there is a cute anime figurine looking girl character! Are there any future plans on implementing more playable figurines in the future?

Actually, something that’s in the works involves securing some well known character rights to bring into the game. So yes, more playable characters will definitely be introduced, along with additional character customization packs. The main characters are Naomi, Knox, Pandora, and C.H.I.P. I think they will each appeal to a different type of person, but if you ask me, I couldn’t pick a favourite. If you want to find out more about these characters you can check them out at the official website www.MicroVolts.com.

Question 06

Steparu: What kind of items will players be able to purchase from the in-game store?

Players will be able to fully outfit and customize their characters with items from the in-game shop. This includes body parts, clothes, accessories, weapons and more. There will be a huge selection of both character specific and non-character specific items. That way, players can be sure that no character looks the same. 

Question 07

Steparu: Will there be cash shop in the near future? If so, will it affect others players who do not purchase cash shop related items?

We haven’t announced exactly how we are implementing a cash shop, but rest assured gameplay balance is extremely important to us and vital to the experience of all players.

Question 08

Steparu: How many melee maps will be available in MicroVolts?

For the Closed Beta we will have one map available for melee battles, and it takes place on a chess board. We are definitely planning to release more. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Question 09

Steparu: H.A.V.E, also known as MicroVolts, is being published in multiple countries very quickly, will RockHippo Studios implement any IP block restrictions?

We will be publishing MicroVolts for North America and Europe, so anyone in those regions will be able to access our game.

Question 10

Steparu: I've noticed that you can carry up to eight weapons, will there be any modes in the future that will restrict the amount of weapons you can carry in a match?

There are actually 7 different weapon types ranging from shovels to grenade launchers that can be used at any time during the game without class restrictions. There’s definitely the possibility for matches with weapon restrictions in the future, but again no definite announcement to make for now.

Question 11

Steparu: Will MicroVolts also be available in other languages other than English?

Yes, it will be available in English, German, and Turkish to begin with. Support for other languages are also in the plans for the future.

Question 12

Steparu: Is there a set date as to when the next CBT or OBT for MicroVolts will start?

The Closed Beta will begin on August 12th, 2010. We do not have an official date to announce for the Open Beta as of now.

Question 13

Steparu: Will players from other countries be able to play MicroVolts without HUGE lag disadvantages?

Lag is of course an important issue, especially for online shooter games. We are setting up infrastructure and servers in multiple regions specifically to ensure that lag is not a problem for our players. As our audience expands we will also look into expanding that infrastructure.

Question 14

Steparu: In the future, will RockHippo studios and SK iMedia allow players to be able to customize their own clothing or characters?

Sorry, but you’ll have to wait and see…

Question 15

Steparu: Is there any other information that RockHippo would like to share about MicroVolts?

MicroVolts is a game that will be instantly recognizable because of its style, but gameplay is still king. The controls are tight, the gameplay mechanics are deep, and the competitive scene will be strongly supported. That’s why we can truly say that MicroVolts has something for everyone.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Steparu for taking interest in MicroVolts and we hope to see many of your readers playing the game. The closed beta will begin August 12, and in the mean time you can check out www.MicroVolts.com for more game info.

Developer: SK iMedia
Publisher: Rock Hippo Productions
Game Site: http://www.microvolts.com/