Sword Girls Online Open Service

mainSword Girls Online will be phasing into live service in a couple of days. After the game has gone live, there will be a lot of new content added along with cash shop, booster packs, new dungeons, an easier tutorial system, and etc. The game itself is pretty easy to understand. I don't normally like to play card games for a long time, but I have a feeling I might be spending some money on a booster pack or two when the game goes live. It's pretty addicting to play, it's also a flash game so the requirement to play this game isn't that heavy! If you're looking for more information about this awesome card game then check out my mini preview here.



It's all girls!


I love the art work!


Detailed drawings are always a plus!

Developer:  Zeonix
Publisher: Zeonix
Game Site: http://swordgirls.net/