Berkanix Remake

mainChoiRock Games recently announced that they are now fully remaking the upcoming Sci Fi MMORPG Berkanix. Technically, it should have been the next hyped up Sci Fi MMORPG that should have been released this year or the next , but due to it's fail system and mechanics the game is being remade. I wonder what made ChoiRock games rage so much that they had to fire the whole development team.

Berkanix First Promotion Trailer

I've actually played the CBT and it was pretty bad, the graphics was nice and all but everything else about the game sucked. The game was also point and click, which was a big let down to the foreign gaming community. ChoiRock Games just tossed out 5 years of planning and about 18mil of work down the drain, let's hope the remake is a lot better! ChoiRock Games Fighting!!!

Developer: ChoiRock Games
Game Publisher: Sonov Entertainment
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