Masterpiece Online Update

mainGamemania and KingSoft are planning to release a couple big updates for their widely popular oriental MMORPG called Masterpiece Online. The upcoming update features a new playable little girl character. If you want to see the upcoming loli character, then check out the new official trailer that was just released below. They are also implementing the stylish unique martial arts flying system in Masterpiece Online, you'll find a lot of the flying exhibition videos on the main MasterPiece Online Youtube Channel.

Little girl character!

A lot of players are eagerly looking forward to the patch that is scheduled to go live on the January 30th, 2012. They are adding a bunch of new content like a new zone called Tomb of the Sword, a new raid dungeon, and other good stuff! Masterpiece Online is a P2P game but don't be sad! If you really want to try this game out, then you're in luck because you'll be able to play it for free until you hit level 25. Flying and jumping around in this game looks really cool, I will have to take a look at it sometime next month when I have more time.

Unique Flying

Stylish Flying

MasterPiece Online Youtube Channel

Developer: KingSoft
Publisher: Gamemania
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