Tera Queen of Argon Bosses

mainThe Korean gaming press website Tera Inven just released three new clips of some of the upcoming bosses in the Queen of Argon patch. The preview clips isn't in HD but who cares, just as long as you get to see some cool new looking bosses in action and stuff. The Guardian of Artifact and the Kafricon bosses look kind of cool, the Kacoon gorilla boss looks kind of funny because his ass is glowing purple/pink! How do we fight something so serious when their butt looks all funky!? Oh well who knows come check out the three new clips Tera Inven released below. On the side note, It also seems like that K-Tera will also be getting a Lion mount? It looks really awesome!



Guardian of Artifact


Developer: BlueHole Studio
Game Publisher: Hangame Korea
/ En Masse Entertainment
Game Site: http://tera.hangame.com/ / http://www.tera-online.com/