Blade & Soul Summoner Class

main2NCSoft Korea released two new trailers on the new upcoming summoner class for Blade & Soul Online. A lot of Blade & Soul fans have been anticipating the summoner class because of the crazy looking summons that was showcased in previous trailers. Unfortunately, I have come forth to bring some bad news or perhaps it will be good news for some people? As vague as I sound right now, I highly super duper suggest that you check out the first official trailer that I have posted right below. I've also found and posted a few gameplay videos of the summoner class!

Official Teaser Trailer

Kawaii Summoners Dancing to K-Pop Parody

There you have it folks! Blade & Soul Online just became more serious. Now that you've seen the changes, what are your thoughts on this madness? Is the cuteness overload too much for you, or would you have preferred cooler looking summons?! I'm having mixed feelings with both, perhaps you'll be able to summon more dangerous looking monsters in the future?

Invenmovie Korea Web Magazine Summoner Gameplay 01

Invenmovie Korea Web Magazine

Invenmovie Summoner Gameplay 02

Developer: NCSoft Korea
Game Publisher: PlayNC Korea
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