BTOOOM! ONLINE 2nd Teaser Trailer

btoom trailer2

BTOOOM! ONLINE just got another teaser trailer showing a bit more gameplay than before. I actually wanted to test this game out awhile back, but totally missed out on it. If you've seen the Anime, then you should already be familiar with the concept of the game, which is to blow up other players into oblivion! I'll probably test it out on release just to get a gameplay video up. For the time being, you can Pre-Register for goodies.

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Girls Tribe Another Sensei Simulator No Longer IP Blocked

girls tribe no ip

A friend of mine recently mentioned that they had removed the IP block for Girls Tribe. Being a curious one, I decided to try the game out for myself and see if it's true. As it turns out, they were correct! Just a small news write up because there are a lot of people out there who enjoy cosplaying or pretending to be a sensei or senpai in their video games. I made a short gameplay video below along with random student conversations ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Sorry, not much gameplay as it's not my type of game, already uninstalled. You guys enjoy it though~!

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SoulWorker Online Limited Valentine's Day Outfits for Waifus Only

soul worker valentines

The Japanese version of SoulWorker Online recently started selling special limited time Valentine's Day outfits for the female characters of the game. Equipping an outfit will enable the player to use cute special emotes shown in the trailer below. Would you like some chocolate senpai!? Not much love for the male characters of the game this time around. Oh, it looks like the Korean version is also getting the outfits. English version? I don't know! Still waiting.

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Smilegate Hiring Local Lost Ark Online QA Tester

lost ark qa

Smilegate Korea is looking to hire QA Game Testers to locally test the leveling, playable jobs, quests, and combat system of Lost Ark Online. It seems like they've been recruiting since January with an application deadline of this month. Just a small news notification to keep ya guys informed on the latest Lost Ark stuff! Maybe they made some major changes to the game or didn't receive much feedback from the previous test? Surprise Open Beta....!? Just kidding, if they follow the traditional testing route in Korean games, the game should be going through a couple more closed betas. Fun fact, when I was in High School my dream job was to become a QA Game Tester, I failed my interview FML.

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Tokyo Ghoul:re Invoke Tap Battle RPG

tokyo ghoul new

Tokyo Ghoul is going to get another smartphone game called Tokyo Ghoul :re Invoke which is a casual turn-based RPG with a tap battle combat system. Featuring special limit break attacks from the original Anime and some form of multiplayer! For some reason, I'm getting Destiny Child for Kakao vibe from this game. Anyway, I'll probably check this one out since I did enjoy watching the Anime. If you're interested in trying out the other mobile version, it's called Tokyo Ghoul Carnaval, it's not too shabby.

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