Just Randomly Playing Mobile Suit Gundam Online

gundam mode

With nothing remotely interesting happening during the past few weeks, I ended up checking back in on Mobile Suit Gundam Online a large scale 51vs51 FPS game. This is actually one of the oldest games that I actually still have installed XD. For some reason, there aren't a whole lot of fun mecha games around so I always find myself coming back to this super ancient game. I'm a bit rusty now since I haven't been playing FPS much. Expect some more videos here and there this week as Zeon on the 2nd server or Fed on the 1st server!

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Bravely Default Fairy's Effect Now Available for Download


Bravely Default Fairy's Effect is now available for download for both the Android and iOS devices. Users interested in trying out this new mini MORPG Bravely Default version will be able to pre-load and play through the tutorial along with customizing their character. If you end up liking the game, you'll be able to play more of it during the official opening and game launch on March 23rd at 4:00 PM JST. I can't seem to the game to boot up on my PC emus, so sad, I'll have to play on my tablet or something.

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Ragnarok R Nothing New Here


What in the world is Ragnarok R is it a new RO game or the super popular MMORPG mobile version. Gravity Korea released a fancy teaser trailer for this game and a lot of people have been itching to know more. With a bit of research and Googling around, I found out that this game isn't new. To be honest, it doesn't really look all that interesting, lol. I guess they're all super cryptic on the Korean site without any gameplay or screenshots.

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Elsword Shadow of Luna Short Gameplay & Playable Classes

elsword action rpg

Elsword Shadow of Luna is a new 3D Action RPG for the mobile device where you can play your favorite characters and classes from the original PC version. It also looks like the characters became a tiny bit older this time around or it's the new sprites featured in the Shadow of Luna. The controls are fairly simple with tap to start the auto-attack, tap and hold to select a skill, and swipe to dodge.

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Disgaea's Free Usalia Character in Alchemist Game

alchemist disgea

There is an ongoing Disgaea 5 event followed by first Disgaea in From Whom the Alchemist Exist. This game has become one of my favorite tactics RPG games for the mobile device and I've been playing for almost a year now. I remember the game was super stingy when it first came out so I avoided it like a plague, but it's a bit better now.

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