Webzen's R2 Reign of Revolution to Receive Claymore Anime Collaboration Event

claymore collab r2

The Korean version of Webzen's hardcore MMORPG R2 Online is gonna get a Claymore Anime collaboration event starting next week on November 23rd. Whoa, I remember watching this Anime 10 years ago, but it's all hazy now. Thought it would be nice for nostalgia's sake to make a short post on this upcoming collab since they did post some videos for you to check out.

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Project TL Teaser Page Goes Live Lineage Eternal Testers Compensation in the Works

projectl main

NCSoft's upcoming new Unreal Engine 4 MMORPG Project TL teaser page is now live replacing the old Lineage Eternal site. Those that want to stalk the official page for future teasers can visit the link below. Lineage Eternal CBT Pass holders and previous testers will be compensated, more details about the package will be announced at a later date. Sure, I'll take a free Project TL CBT Pass, NCSoft please add that to the package.

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Netmarble G-Star 2017 Show Schedule

netmarble main schedule

Netmarble Korea just uploaded their live show schedule for the upcoming G-Star 2017 game show revealing events for Tera M, Blade & Soul Revolution, Seven Knights II, and Icarus M. They're going be showcasing these titles during specific hours, so I did a quickie translation on the event schedule for those planning on stalking their Livestream on Youtube, AfreecaTV, or Facebook. Their stream starts on Nov.16th~19th, check the current time in Korea now.

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Pearl Abyss Teases New Black Desert Mobile Flashy Combat


Pearl Abyss revealed their 3rd teaser trailer for Black Desert Mobile today showing players a brief look at the flashy combat gameplay it has to offer. I also noticed some party gameplay in the trailer against field bosses such as Muskan and Dastard Bheg. As for the playable characters, I spied Warrior, Berserker, Ranger, Witch, and  Valkyrie. The Musa wasn't seen in this trailer though it was shown in the first teaser. I also see a Sorcerer running around though no skill exhibition was shown.

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The Missing Nexon Games in G-Star 2017 Line-Up

ffxi mobile still alive

Nexon's G-Star 2017 line-up is missing a lot of upcoming titles though mostly for the Mobile device. I was really looking forward to more Peria Chronicles, Project Meta, Astellia Online and others for PC. At the same timing, I was hoping to finally hear from the Final Fantasy XI Mobile Reboot along with some Mabinogi Mobile news.

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