Pangya Mobile Take A Look At the New Screenshots in English

 pangya mobile

The official Pangya Mobile page teased a lot of new game screenshots in English last week ranging from stamina based stages, a tomahawk explosion, story dialogue, golf clubs, and more. Everything looks like it's in English, even though the game is going be released in Thailand. Not that I'm complaining! The only thing that worries is me is the Gacha clubs and outfits seeing as there are N, R, and SR versions. I'm also hoping that they will add a similar lobby and player shop system like the original. Oh and don't forget stamps, cute Stamps are a must have for multiplayer interaction!

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Smilegate Picks Up Epic Seven A Beautiful Look Anime 2D RPG


Smilegate has partnered up with the developers of SUPER CREATIVE to help them publish the upcoming Anime 2D RPG Epic Seven. With the help of Smilegate, the team can focus all of their resources into development while Smilegate handles the publishing and community management. There's a lot of competition in the mobile gaming industry and they want to put all their efforts into creating the best 2D RPG.

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Figureheads x Frame Arms Collaboration Event

figureheads framearms

Figureheads is getting a collaboration event with Kotobukiya's Frame Arms next week on the 30th. Users can obtain a free full set of the Khanjar (Black Set) Frame Arms unit in the game based on the number of matches played during the event period or through Gacha. I've never actually heard of the Frame Arms series until now, two of the suits look pretty nice. I might reinstall the game again and try to collect them! They also added Frame Arms related weapons such as Assault Rifles, Dual Handguns, and Shield Gun. Slapped on some of my "old" gameplay videos below for those interested in seeing the game in action.

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Destiny Child Japanese Version Now Available for Download

des chalaunch

The Japanese version of Destiny Child just went live today and it has gone through numerous unique system changes compared to the original! I actually did quite a few rerolls since this is one of those games where you want a good head start. Oh yeah, the mobile version is also censored, which is strange... perhaps they're saving the uncensored mode for the PC version hosted by DMM Games.

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Faith of Danschant RPG Unreal Engine 4 Demo Preview

faith dans main

Wangyuan Shengtang's Unreal Engine 4 single-player RPG Faith of Danschant is looking pretty good in the latest gameplay movie demo that was revealed earlier today. The recent game benchmark kind had me doubting the game, but after seeing this demo, I'm most likely gonna end up buying the game upon release next month. I just need to figure out how unless they end up releasing it on Steam like their Gujian series. I also saw the game in Tencent's "Steam Platform" version called WeGame. It might be easier for me to purchase there, once I figure out how to load credits or something.

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