MU Legend Emphasizer The Queen of AoE Spells Gameplay

mu legend empha first look

I spent most of yesterday trying out the new Emphasizer job in the Korean version of MU Legend Online. Overall the character feels very powerful with the amount of AoE spells she learns. The developers are also giving out free leveling packs that give away +6 weapons every 10 levels, makes rushing through the content a breeze.

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Yulgang M Action RPG Mobile Short Gameplay and Impressions

yulgang m main

Yulgang M is currently in Closed Beta in South Korea and I've decided to check the game out really quick. The combat is pretty good for a side-scrolling mobile game. You have two attack buttons on the screen and you can execute multiple combos and attacks by alternating between them. 

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Final Fantasy XI Mobile Reboot Still In Development

ffxi mobile still alive

Final Fantasy XI still remains to be one of my favorite old school MMO and I'm glad that Nexon hasn't dropped the project! No new images surfaced yet, but the title was included in the latest August 2017 Investor Presentation PDF for upcoming games in Q3 2017 and onward. They also added Mabinogi Mobile which was recently announced last month.

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Lost Ark Online Sailing and Vast World Map Revealed

lost ark sea adventures

Smilegate just released another teaser update revealing an enormous world map and sailing adventures for Lost Ark Online. Most of the areas shown on the world map were featured in my previous translation of the Lost Ark New Bosses and Areas article. Here I was thinking that my CBT1 world adventures felt big and after seeing the whole world map, it looks like the developers of the game made huge progress from CBT1 to the upcoming CBT2. Sorry, I will NOT be doing a through and through translation, this time around just narrate mode.

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MU Legend Online New Playable Emphasizer Character Now Available

mu legend emphasizer

A second female playable character is now available in the Korean version of MU Legend Online. The game now has five playable characters including the new Emphasizer that was just patched in a few hours ago. I'm curious about this character, so I'm gonna go ahead and update my game. Webzen also opened a fresh new server for new users and I'm totally going to make my character there. I've tested most of the characters in this game already, so definitely looking forward to this one.

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